Server update June 18th, 2017, 06:30 AM

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  • Following changes have been made:
    • Quests
    • Drops
      • Deactivated drop reduction based on levels in Dark Poeta - player regardless their level will drop items
    • Skills
      • Improved position calculations for teleport skills and height offset for maps with incomplete geodata
    • Spawns
      • Fixed an incorrect spawn of Orichalcum in Theobomos
      • Fixed an issue, where the aetheric field generator of the (Elyos) Divine Fortress had an invalid position
      • Fixed an issue, where the Dux/Stallari/Ulsaruk of Vorgaltem Citadel was not attackable
      • Removed siege tank spawns of Anoha siege until it is fully implemented
    • AI
      • Reworked Dark Poeta
        • Improved AI of all bosses
        • Reworked Scar event - behavior should be nearly retail-like
        • Adjusted drops - chests will be dropped instead of single items
        • The spawned spheres of the generators are still not implemented yet - we are looking for an efficient implementation
        • Fixed an issue, where the manual opening of the start door did not interrupt the preparation phase
    • Core
      • Fixed an issue, where it was not possible to appoint a new fourth vice captain in alliances after appointing one to the captain
      • Fixed an issue, where the server freezed
      • Fixed an issue, where simultaneously casted effects could not end (e.g. Brigade General Terath of Tiamat's Stronghold and Brigade General Sheba of Sauro Supply Base)
      • Increased the rate of successful item enchanting
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