Happy Easter

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  • Dear community,
    felt the first warming sunbeams and the past warm days - spring is slowly coming and Easter is just around the corner. So we planned some events for you and want to introduce them to you:

    Every egg counts

    Fitting to Easter there will be some colored egg. Use them to get great rewards or for a summoning item for much more loot!
    But well... we have a big problem here: The eggs were taken by evil creatures. So we need your help to get them back. Don't worry we already know who took the eggs - the Tomul and Denku of Levinshor. You can be sure each one carries an egg with it but time is limited! So you have the chance to collect them during the period from 10th April to 23rd April. After that those thieves won't carry anymore eggs.

    If you will help us collecting those eggs you'll be free to exchange them with certain rewards. Alternatively you can buy an icon 185000216 to summon ancient monster from the Vocoliths in Levinshor to gain valuable loot.
    Notice: The respawn time of Vocoliths is shortened during the event period.

    Following you can get a short instruction and information about the possible rewards:

    You need to collect the following item: icon 186000175

    Exchange this for the following rewards:

    Display Spoiler

    25 pcs:
    • 1x icon 185000216
    30 pcs:
    • 5x icon 186000101
    • or 5x icon 186000104
    • or 5x icon 186000105
    • or 5x icon 186000102
    50 pcs:
    • 50x icon 186000236
    150 pcs:
    • 1x icon 188053295
    250 pcs:
    • 1x icon 188053702
    • or icon 188053703
    500 pcs:
    • 1x icon 188053005

    To exchange your collected eggs you need to use the chat command .easter <id>. To get information which id stands for which reward simply type .easter without anything else.

    During the event period, the NPCs summoned from the Vocoliths will drop additional items which are listed below:

    Display Spoiler

    Each player per NPC:
    • icon 186000101
    • icon 186000104
    • icon 186000105
    • icon 186000102
    • icon 186000236
    • icon 188053702
    Maximal two pieces per NPC:
    • icon 188053006
    • icon 188053007
    • icon 188053005
    • icon 188053704
    • icon 188053705
    • icon 187000155

    Tiny Event-Weeks

    Incidentally rake more

    Besides the grand farm event smaller, known events will take part. Our event masters will grant you additional information in discrete threads for each event except the planned dates, which you can get in the following list:
    • 10.04 - Hide & Seek
    • 12.04 - Fly to the point
    • 14.04 - Venla says
    • 15.04 - KOR PvP
    During the second week events will vary. Furthermore a forums quiz will take part (maybe you know it from the previous ones).

    More Nex for the same money

    During the period from the 14th April to the 17th April you will get 25% more Nex in our Item Mall.

    Events during Mai

    Code RED: Atreia, Item-Mall-Lottery, maybe more? We planned something for you, yet!

    Best Regards and have a lot of fun with the events
    Beyond Aion Team

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