Server update March 22nd, 2017, 3:00 AM

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  • The following changes have been made:
    • Quests
    • Drops
      • Reworked the drop tables of all Cygnea/Enshar named NPCs
      • Also added missing composite manastone bundles to those Nameds
    • AI
      • Fixed an issue, where the rift to Inggison in Levinshor could not be used
      • Fixed an issue, where items with huge sell values could not be sold
      • Fixed an issue, where the exit of Linkgate Foundry did not appeared after defeating the five key version of Belsagos
      • Fixed an issue, where Brigade General Vasharti got bugged at 80% life
    • Core
      • Removed the rank restricted reduction for PvE-AP
      • Fixed an issue, where pvp values were ignored by summoned objects
      • Fixed an issue, where players logged in with undefined HP/MP values after getting disconnected while being dead
      • Fixed multiple data-processing issues
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    Beyond Aion Development

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Comments 1

  • MrGimba -

    Hey guys. Oldschool player getting tired of officials crap and p2w and wanna try something new. Heard this should be a good server for EU players. but i want to beg of you to apply some better download links :/
    Megaupload does not allow you to download all 7 parts even with a free account. and the other links take 1 hour each part to complete.

    • Neon -

      Hey MrGimba,
      we improved our download speed and connection, so you hopefully can now download everything faster and without hassle (see the mirror links, Mega will still remain the same).
      Please let us know in the forums, if you still have issues.

    • MrGimba -

      ALOT better thank you guys.