Server update March 13th, 2017, 1:00 AM

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  • The following changes have been made:
    • Quests
      • Fixed an issue, where Rotan Silverblade cannot be obtained in Kromede's Trial
    • Items
      • Fixed an issue, where icon 182206795 could not be used
    • Skills
      • Fixed an issue, where fear on NPCs caused them to do nothing until they resetted after a certain time
      • Fixed an issue, where using Ghost Absorption from SpiritMaster did not reduced the HP of the summoned spirit
    • Spawns
    • AI
      • Changed the exit location of Raksang Ruins to its entrance, so players which logout or dc'ed inside the instance will not be teleported to their bindpoint anymore
      • Adjusted missing HP values of certain balaur in "Wavehollow Brink" of Enshar
      • Fixed an issue, where the agents in Levinshor healed themselves by 20 HP instead of 20%
    • Core
      • Implemented new features to the .preview command. Now you can preview multiple items at once. For detailed syntax info type .help ingame
      • Lowered the glory point loss of each abyss rank. Also implemented a temporary loss cap at 100. E.g. an Officier-4-Star which would naturally loose 107 GP per day would only loose 100 at all. Otherwise an Officier-1-Star (14 GP per day) would still loose 14 GP per day.
      • Removed the geo data of both Rentus Base instances
      • Adjusted the calculation function of magic resistance to avoid frequent resists in lower level areas
      • Attempted to fix the issue, where using teleports inside instances, e.g. Linkgate Foundry, relocated the player inside an empty instance
      • Attempted to fix the issue, where icons of chanter's mantras vanished
      • Fixed an issue, where NPC respawns could not be interrupted under certain circumstances
      • Fixed an issue, where players as serial killers could not log out
      • Also, made many optimizations for performance and data-handling
    • PvP-Map
      • Implemented features of the removed Eye of Tiamranta
      • You can now find keymaster, relic chests and renowned balaur there
      • Furthermore, bosses can spawn inside the fortress at certain times
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