Server Update 30th October, 2016, 03:30 AM

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  • The following changes have been made:
    • Quests
    • Spawns
    • Skills
      • Fixed an issue, where npc skills with back area damage had incorrect effective ranges
    • AI
      • Using homeward bound in a house or studio doesn't teleport you outside anymore
      • Fixed an issue, where npcs would use their buffs twice after spawn
      • Fixed an issue, where walking npcs would not walk anymore after ending their dialogs with players
      • Adjusted the behavior of the shugo postman
      • Übungsziele in Poeta fixed
      • Münzbrunnen fixed
    • Core
      • Ausgang von Nochsana Training Camp fixed
      • Fixed an issue, which caused Leere Mobs not to work properly
      • Fixed an issue, where loot pets could loot npcs which are supposed to despawn instantly
      • Fixed an issue, where some objects on the map wouldn't be considered as obstacles
      • Fixed an issue, where garrison npcs could respawn in garrisons of other races (s. Lehel | 802340)
      • Fixed an issue, where npcs which should receive 1 damage, often received no damage at all from a hit
      • Fixed an issue, where the damage distribution of multi hit damages was incorrect
      • Fixed several system messages
    • Other
      • The Halloween Event is now active!

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