Server update July 19th, 2016, 2:00 PM

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  • The following changes have been made:
    • Quests
    • Items
      • Fixed an issue, where rangers sometimes obtained nothing from an invasion chest
    • Spawns
      • Fixed some heading of Teminon and Primum NPCs
      • Implemented missing walker for Underground, Altgard and Theobomos
      • Removed some double spawns in Levinshor
      • Fixed an issue, where the Northern Guard-Post Flag were not visible if asmodians conquered the base
    • AI
      • Talocs Höhle befreiter Npc folgt nicht fixed
      • Implemented missing AI for Icaronix in Azoturan Fortress
      • Adjusted stats for NPCs:
        • Implemented missing physical crit chance
        • Reduced magical attack of junk ratings
        • Reduced autohit damage for NPCs > two stars
        • Slightly reduced autohit damage for NPCs > Lv50
        • Reduced strike resist for NPCs > Lv60 and > one star
    • Core
      • Inventarfehler fixed
      • Fixed an issue, where HP & MP stats of players slightly differ from retail value
      • FIxed an issue, where the exp of junk NPCs were too low
      • Fixed an issue, where the enchantment success with icon 166020003 offered a +0 result
      • Fixed an issue, where dialogs for add-on quests were not directly displayed after providing their pre-quest. Additionally added the function that dialog windows will directly close if no quests are available after accepting a new quest (or providing) from the selected NPC. Otherwise the quest overview will pop up.
      • Fixed an issue, where the strike resist of players lower than Lv65 were too high
      • Optimized the reward handling of quests if you can provide several quests
      • Optimized data handling and server performance
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    Beyond Aion Development

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