Server update July 1st, 2016, 02:00 AM

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  • The following changes have been made:
    • Quests
    • Items
    • Drops
      • Increased amount of icon 186000238 dropped from instance end bosses
      • Increased rate of eternal and mythic armor in Sauro Supply Base
      • Increased rate of items dropped by base NPCs in Levinshor
      • Increased rate of amplification stones, tempering solutions and plume chests dropped in instances
      • Increased rate of balaur souls
      • Increased rate of fluxes
      • Implemented amplification stones and icon 186000238 in drop tables of base NPCs in Levinshor
    • Spawns
      • Adjusted spawns and stats of NPCs in Beshmundirs Temple (normal mode)
      • Adjusted stats of NPCs in Azoturan Fortress
      • Fixed a miss-placed spawn in Levinshor
      • Removed some outdated spawns
    • AI
    • Core
      • Improved exp calculation to come closer to the exp rewards on official servers (raises exp on all maps and instances, especially BT)
      • Implemented the Headhunting-Event
      • Implemented "Legendary Symphony" event
      • Implemented a system message for non-daevas using a group gate
      • Implemented a system message for being kicked by another client
      • Implemented missing buy lists for shugos in abyss
      • Increased the enchanting success rates for plumes above +8
      • Adjusted exp reduce by level difference to official standards
      • Optimized the summoning of spirit-pets
      • Optimized geo checks to decrease possible map kicks
      • Fixed an issue, where the account creation date wasn't saved during the first login
      • Fixed an issue, where transformations weren't removed after leaving an instance
      • Fixed an issue, where teleportation inside instances through NPCs wasn't possible after reaching the maximum entry count
      • Fixed an issue, where NPCs wouldn't returned to their previous heading after talking
      • Fixed an issue, where client item preview didn't show the correct colors
      • Fixed an issue, where quests wouldn't show up if the NPC spawned for the first time after server start
      • Fixed an issue, where some quests wouldn't show up correctly
      • Fixed an issue, where players couldn't get new requests (group, legion, duel, trade, ...) if he answered a request of the same type during exchang
      • A lot of optimizations for server performance, data processing and fault analysis
    • PvP-Map
      • Lowered the reentering cooldown to two minutes
      • Fixed an issue, where players could teleport inside vulnerable siege zones
      • Implemented CD-Remover, so it will spawn after killing another player with a small chance
      • Slightly increased respawn time of the chest
      • Increased the drop rate of items out of the chest
    • Upper Abyss Instances
      • Reworked instances of Krotan, Kysis & Miren
      • Implemented missing relic chests
      • Implemented amplification stones and tempering solution
      • Implemented a function that decreases the chest amount based on passed time during the endboss fight
      • Optimized AIs
      • Increased drop rates of ap relics
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