Server update April 15, 2016, 2:00 AM

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  • Following changes will take effect:
    • Quests
    • Drops
      • Added Blood Mark Bundle to Kuhara's Chest drops in "Occupied Rentus Base"
    • AI
    • Skills
      • Fixed an issue, where elyos clerics got a wrong random vision stigma
    • Core
      • Fixed an issue, where player deaths were announced while dueling
      • Fixed an issue, where the asmodian faction pack was not sended with reaching Lv65
      • Fixed an issue, where the capturing of all three yellow bases in Levinshor wouldn't spawn any healers. This also fixes a wrong spawn delay for bases
      • Fixed an issue, where the gate infront of Kuhara in "Occupied Rentus Base" wouldn't open again after his death
      • Fixed an issue, where random stuns and knockdowns were triggered too often
      • Reworked the shout system for NPCs. In cause of the missing tests and still needed optimizations it would be still deactivated.
      • Implemented a functional geodata for "Occupied Rentus Base"
      • Activated player death announces for Panesterra maps
    • Instances
      • Sauro Supply Base
        • Fixed an issue, where NPCs could respawn
        • Adjusted skill pattern of all NPCs
        • Removed some unnecessary spawns
        • The second gate opens after the death of "Chief Gunner Kurmata"
      • Terath Dredgion
        • Fixed an issue, where the balaur treasure chest couldn't spawn
        • Fixed an issue, where the surkana kills "captured" the wrong rooms
        • Increased level and stats of all necessary NPCs to 65
        • Implemented missing spawns
      • Raksang Ruins
        • Fixed an issue, where the tombstones were not responsive
        • Optimized spawn events and their trigger
        • Removed outdated spawns (especially hellway)
        • Implemented hellway
        • Added missing bombs to the loot table of the chest at the beginning
        • Reworked skill pattern of all NPCs
        • Implemented missing drops
    • Custom
      • PvP-Map
        • Based on a current low player amount and extensive maps, we decided and implemented an instanced PvP-Map.
        • You can access it via the new .pvp command
        • Besides a centralised pvp you can find some treasure chests with useful items, but beware of your enemies!
        • Quite different from other maps you will get the doubled amount of AP for killing player, here. If this feature is well participated and we get a good feedback, so we wouldn't hestitate to increase the AP-rate.
    • Known Issues
      • Missing eternal armor drops in "Occupied Rentus Base"
      • Missing walker in Raksang Ruins
      • Unfinished Shoutservice

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