Shield Counter - Templar Skill

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    • As far as I´m concerend the skill is supposed to stun 100% it was like that on retail aswell, you could even stun x-forms with it. It got changed with like 5.x.
      But then again im not a dev I´m just speaking of my old retail memories.
    • It's a bug, the skill isn't supposed to stun 100% after the 4.7.5
      In 4.8 this stun no more a 100% stun
      Check this : Aion - Nouvelles compétences et remaniement de la 4.8 - Aion (here you got all changed applied in 4.8 on retail, even Magical Acc passiv buffs on spells)
      Sorry it's in french but think that you can trad in Eng or Ger otherwise it's writed :

      Shield Counterattack
      Can now activate after resistance.

      It now becomes possible to resist the stun.

      Increased magical accuracy of stun from +500 to +1000.
    • It's not mentioned in the official patch notes (GF / NC). Either the change on the PTS never made it to the release version or the patch notes just fail to mention this change (like the accuracy change from 500 to 1000, which is correct).
      Do you have any other source of information to confirm the change?
    • Other than this Forum nope, i tried to search but there is not a lot of informations about 4.8 update compared to other update :/

      Maybe it's possible to found a video of an Arena on Retail or something like that but i'll need to search about this

      Otherwise, if you trust NotAion (they have official client) i actually have this video :
      (Timer 0:41 if it didn't open you directly at 0:41) can see that only with UD the Templar don't take the stun of the Shield Counter and it happened many time in the video

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    • You're right, the skill does not have a 100% stun anymore. Even on 4.6 it stunned on level 5 and 6 only. I made a mistake by comparing lvl 3 (which does not have a 100% stun) instead of lvl 6 with the current max lvl of the skill.
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