[Feature] Legion package

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  • [Feature] Legion package

    Hello Community, hello new player!

    Do you change together with your legion from another private server or the official one to us?
    That is convenient, because you can make use of a Beyond Aion feature:

    The legion package

    If there are at least 5 members (includes the Brigade General) in your legion and you can prove with screenshots that your legion already exists on another server, each of you can expect a special "thank you".
    Your Brigade General has to give us a shout by writing a ticket in the support area or visiting us on our Teamspeak-Server to request the packets for all of you - that is it!

    Here are the conditions and rules for the receipt of the legion package:
    • at least 5 members in your legion
      (includes the Brigade General)
    • your legion already exists actively on another private server or the official one
      (proven by one or more screenshots)
    • Brigade General must request the packages from the team
      (a list of all members would be favorable)
    • the package will not be given to members who join your legion later on
    • each player receives only one package
      (If you change the legion, you do not get another package.)

    Content of the package

    80x icon 186000199
    3x icon 186000051
    5x icon 166000195
    1x icon 169630007
    1x icon 169620072
    1x icon 169620082
    1x icon 169620094
    1x icon 190020026

    If you have questions, you can always contact the team.
    We wish you a lot of fun on our server!

    Beyond Aion Team
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