Taloc's Forest

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    • Taloc's Forest

      Did not know that Asmodian's could enter Taloc's Forest in Inggison? Healnix a 3 Star Asmodian General killed Divavee twice then left and died in Calmheart grove. I understand Inggison is Disputed but did not know Taloc Forest was. So now we have to worry about being farmed by a person that has no class????? Divavee is a Soldier rank 6 PVE player, takes a lot to get AP from her right. We play on Beyond Aion because of the type of server it is and the folks that play here. Who left the back door open to someone that will farm low lvl people with no really great armor.
    • Hello!

      My friend Healnix and Me was in Talocs forrest yes, the way you can get there is at Conquest mobbs when thy spawn a Rift, the rift is ofc random.

      But let me tell you a secret: you can go at gelky there aswell.when you get luck whot those rifts ;)

      Have a nice day
      Belatrix the 4 Star Asmodian Officer (boom)
      Bei mir spalten sich die Geister in 4 Elemente! Q_O

    • Belatrix thank you for explaining. I have never seen the rift in Taloc Forest not saying it isn't there I just have never seen it, but still doesn't explain why he killed her twice, Lets see Full PvP geared Officer and a person doing farming in a secluded place with low lvl Pve gear ? I know you have the right no question but why piss folks off so they don't want to play on the server. Common respect is oops didn't know they were low lvl wave and say good day
    • The rift dont come it self like the normal rifts you can see on Inggi or Gelky, those Conquest mobbs spawn those rifts wish lead you to other Conquest mobbs or Somewehre else, its random. If you look at this thread (s.here) the player Seishin explains where you can find those Conquest mobbs, and as you see aswell there are Conquest mobbs in Both talocs forrestes (gelky and inggi) , so if you lucky enough you can get behind the barrikade and head your self to Talocs Forrest in both Maps.

      About the kill, why people complain about Pvp in A Pvp game? Why does Elyos kills asmos, or why Asmos kills Elyos? That she had not that good gear, dosent mean she is protected from any Pvp attack from the other Fraktion, those mobbs dont ask aswell ot Watch about Gear when thy going to attack your friend.
      If there would be a pvp protection, than thy wouldnt get any attack, but there is no one (shrug) So she can do a decision, do she farm gear and get stronger, or give up and rage quit?
      But Rage quit is somethings i would never could agree with my ego, or how do she see it?

      And some random facts: Spirtihunter got killed yesterday from a level 58 Player (orly) So Gear dosnt mean anything.
      Bei mir spalten sich die Geister in 4 Elemente! Q_O

    • Not complaining over a kill but to kill again just because you can?? Also it is a PvP AND PvE game she tries to stay away from areas where there is a chance to be killed. I have played PvP and kill a low lvl that was doing there quest,when I knew they were low lvl next time I saw them I waved and said good day NOW that is sportsman like conduct and being a decent player. I have had an Asmo do the same with me so has nothing to do with race has to do with how the game is played. Why ruin the game for someone that doesn't play like you go kill someone that can fight back.
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