Random Disconnects

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    • Random Disconnects

      My Wife and I get disconnected randomly in the game and when we relog back into the game we appear to be falling and then die and respond
      back at or bind point and always have to pay a soul sickness fee. There is no reason in this world to get disconnected and when you reconnect in the game you are dead unless you were in a battle which is never the case, really getting tired of this bug!!!!!!
    • Do you mean disconnects or client crashs (aka. send log errors)?
      The only connection losses in the last days we registered were on 29.04. at 03:10 (you) and on 19.04. at 23:00 (your wife). If you say it happened more often, this would mean that your client properly closed the connection (=logout). So it neither is a DC nor a client crash and certainly not initiated by the server.

      Does it happen while being afk or actively playing? Falling through the map may only occur if you were moving when getting disconnected. We need more info on this topic if the circumstances now are different from your last posts.
    • When I wrote the post she was actively playing and got disconnected from server, it wasn't a client crash. When one of us gets disconnected because of AFK I don't consider that your problem it is because of something we did our fault. I hope this helps if I can give more info please let me know
    • I can only guess but have no idea what the problem is. The only disconnects initiated by the server are to clean up dead connections, such as a non responding one due to a client crash or if a player lost internet connectivity. While actively playing, the server knows your connection is still alive, so there's little hope we can do anything about it on server side.
      It seems like you are located in the US? Pretty much the opposite side of the globe, so how is your ping?
    • Howdy Neon thx for taking all the time you have taken. When I have checked my ping it seems to be 60 or below{but I don't check often} will leave on and try to remember to check back with you. and yes I am in the US and was very happy to have found a server half way around the world that gave me a great ping and most important great folks that do their best to maintain a GREAT server.(a lot of GREATs in there) But wish there was a way to tell folks how well this server is taken care of and would be a good place to come and stay.
      BTW: I am 67 and don't get carried away to often and get mushy :)
    • Hi Neon
      For some reason my game decided not to allow me in today so I had to reinstall and just got done. Did /ping in chat window a few times and ping is between 125 ms and 135 ms I hope this helps, if you would like I can check it at different times while I play if it will help. Plz let me know
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