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    • Disconnections

      Hello, I am relatively new to this Aion Server. I was wondering why I'm constantly being disconnected from the server. It happens anywhere between 5-10 times per day. It mostly occurs when I get the message that I've been playing for too long and need to take a break. The Error message: You have been disconnected from the server. pops up and I can reconnect or hit ok to close the game. This isn't a major issue yet as I haven't made it very far, mostly beginnings of Morheim. It is slowly making it unplayable though as it happens more frequently. I have tried searching online for a solution but the only thing that shows up is the official aion servers maintenance which shouldn't affect your server. How do I fix this issue, or is it even fixable on my end?

      • It happened again just now, this time though when I logged back in my character fell through the world and died instantly......this has turned from an annoyance into a major issue for me......
    • most of the people have this issue . Example i farm 1h i go teleport akaron or sanctum i get restore conection , i log back i can t use any skill not even move character or i god dead by asmo pvp map same thing resurection to bind point can t use skill move my character ... i m waithing for solution 2 ...
    • You let it sound like NCSoft hosts it's server source free of charge on Github and it's just a matter of keeping the game server up to date with it.
      There's no such thing as "the latest stable build" other than what we develop internally. It's always more of a dev build than a real stable version, because we only do some basic testing before rolling out new features and fixes. Otherwise everything would take even longer. We are two devs working full time, developing a few hours a week in the evenings.
      Nevertheless our server runs very stable for weeks. The only downtimes are when our hoster has some issues or during an update. Everything else are bugs which have nothing to do with server stability.

      We had many issues with disconnects in the past but since the last fixes, no one ever reported anything again (e.g. When cenimatic play i get dced).
      Without a report in our bug tracker forum section, we cannot look into it because we're not aware of an issue. And often the information given is not sufficient to reproduce the error, so it's almost impossible to fix.
      How are we supposed to find a bug that most people don't experience and when there's no way to force it to happen? People like to talk like it's no big deal fixing stuff. Just change the config "dc_annoyance_feature = off" and we're golden (wat)
      You can only do one thing that may accelerate fixing bugs: writing detailed reports. Not only what exactly happens, but also when and where. Are there special circumstances? Can you force it to happen and how?
      So please head over to the bug tracker if you're sure it's not an issue on your side and follow the instructions mentioned above.
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