character creation bug

  • Issue with the client

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  • character creation bug

    I downloaded the game yesterday & once i get to character creation my character screen turns black and i cannot see any details of the character apart from the outline in black, as if the light is turned off, however when i create a character and log on to the server it works perfectly, but it kind of sucks because i'd like to customise my character :|
  • Hello Opheliahart,

    you have to set 'Standard' in the graphics settings and not 'High Performance' - then the view would have to be completely normal again. Due to this setting, you have no graphic losses in the game, because the client can not handle anyway.

    Best regards
  • i managed to fix the bug in akaron, however the bug on character creation still remains, no matter what graphics or graphic effects i apply or turn off /: it keeps flickering in black, and no, my disk isn't dying, i run different aion clients on the same disk and they all run fine /: it's only this one that has the issue on character creation
  • What did you do to fix it in Akaron?
    Flickering in the character selection and character creation is unfortunately not uncommon and there is nothing I know of that fully resolves this.
    The only thing that may work is trying different renderer and shader settings in the graphics options.
    It's simply a problem with version 4.8 of the client, other versions may not have this issue.
  • I just tried a bunch of graphics settings again and only could resolve the flickering by changing the render engine to Default/Standard. Note that the client must be restarted in order for this to take effect.
    Since the issue only exists in the character screens, you can use this setting for creating or changing a character's appearance and switch back to your preferred settings once done. Takes a few more game restarts but at least it works.

    Allegedly this only happens with Nvidia graphics cards and people in other forums suggested installing an old Nvidia graphics driver from December 1, 2015 (v359.06) but I wouldn't recommend that. Old driver versions generally perform worse and Windows or GFE will update them again anyway.
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