want to join.

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    • want to join.

      looking to join the sever been looking for a good aion server with both pve and pvp that works well with boosted rates, as I can tell this server is what I'm looking for. So just curious as to how the population is and how the item mall effects the game. Like can we earn everything in the game is the item making just cosmetic stuff, does it give players an advantage over everyone else?

      Thank you,
    • This Server supports both PvE and PvP. some dungeons are really easy here and some are challenging. At my Oppinion the rates here are good as they are, you can drop Items like Amplification Stones, Omega Stones, Tempering Solution fast but not too fast, so you need to do sth. for your Character. As you already have recognized, this Server have a Item Mall, you are able to buy Mounts,Miols, Consumables like Amplification stones, skins and a Max Level Package.
      But some of the Consumables aren´t profitable at all to buy, because you need to pay 5€ for 3 Amplification Stones or 3 Tempering Solution, so you are able to buy these Consumables in the Item Mall but you wouldn´t be able to buy them on mass.

      Furhtermore Beyond Aion operates Events regulary, so you are able to get many Consumables, skins, Miols, Mounts if you keep up. Right at the Moment the Happy Birhtday! Event is running! you have increased rates and can get Items by approaching Birthday Cakes.

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