Asking for help..

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    • Asking for help..

      Hey there, as i see there is still remaining p.servers of aion, and i like it..
      Aion 5.x failed me so much on official, so i got emu and client..
      But i haver problem, emu support only .11 .12... (with my game just hang right after click server name in server list) and i can not found anywhere BIN32 folder of this patch.. Can anyone help me with that? maybe anyone have on his HDD this ancient files..
      I like just again see old good aion and not that crap they made from this game in last 2 years patches.,..

      Thank you.
    • Hello CZIvo,

      there are many other forums on the Internet (for example) for this kind of request where you could get help. Here in our forum you will most likely not get help for your problems. After all, we are a private server too and have a much higher patch level.

      Please contact other help websites.

      Best regards
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