Sacrifical Power

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    • Sacrifical Power

      Hey there,
      There might be some kind of Bug concerning the active Cleric Skill "Sacrificial Power". When I change my stigma socketing without deactivating it or without deactivating "Benevolence" and put "Sacrifical Power" back in place later, it indicates that the skill is activated, but i can't deactivate it and there are no benefits and no loss of Healing boost.
      I tried taking it in and out over and over again, but no matter the combination, the only solution is to relog or change to Character window. It will work as usual again after doing so.
      It's nothing big, because it only matters after changing stigma socketing, but it's still annoying to relog after every change if you forgot to deactivate.
      Damage = Base Spell Damage * ( Knowledge/100 + (MBoost-MSuppression)/1000 ) * pvp_modifier
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