Fear (Spirit Master)

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    • Fear (Spirit Master)

      FEAR BUG
      Too many times when a spirit master cast any tipe of fear the enemy loose the aggro and start to regenerete itself

      Another Bug
      i don't know if this one is a bug, but the Spirit of Spirit Master don't generate Aggro whit hes normal skill, if i attack a mob whith 5 attack and after that use erosion, i steal aggro
    • I could not find any issue while using fear. Multiple times in a row, with or without pauses or obstacles in between, the mob never lost aggro. Only if it's too far away the mob can lose aggro, but that's intended.
      What did you exactly do and where? Maybe it's a mob (AI) specific issue or something.

      As for the spirit not generating aggro, that's not true. I guess you mean it's not enough aggro, but in that case we need some retail information for comparison.
    • i try now again vs all the mobs in Akaron.
      i cast various poison, after that i cast fear, when the monster become a spirit the aggro is lost!!

      i make more different skills.
      the bug appear when the mob is under effect of "chain of earth"

      i try to sent my spirit first, after my attack i steal aggro, cast chain of earth and fear, the mob lose aggro on me and give the spirit aggro

      for the spirti yes... they generete a low aggro.... TOO MANY LOW
      i used
      Command: Erosion
      Command: disturbance
      command: detonation claw

      after i used ONLY Erosion of My SM [nothing special equip, Nasto gear whit 9 manastone MB 25/27]
      and i steal aggro
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