Korean PvP

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    • Today at 9pm we will host a "Korean PvP" event.
      This will proceed as follows:
      A player goes in the center and an opponent player comes to it. Should one of the two be defeated, immediately the next player will join the fight.
      There are no breaks between the fights. The winner will be the one, who won against all players in a round.
      The event won't be finished until one wins; the others will continue to fight.

      Example: Metiz is in the center fights against Venla. Metiz wins. Farlon fights him and wins against Metiz.
      Metiz defeated one opponent in his round. Farlon begins his round with his own victory.

      Additional remarks:
      Flame and/or cry,
      to call your opponent "Noob, Low or others"
      Attacking beside your round
      Ignore instructions,
      PvP while we are still explaining/port

      will be punished instantly with an Event-Lock and diqualification.
      It does not matter to me wether you know someone or something else.
      If you have been attacked by a another player, don't attack and stay relaxed.
      If someone attacks back, everyone involved will be disqualified.
      If many players ignore the rules, I reserve the right to cancel the event without further notice (and rewards).

      We wish you lots of fun and success
      your Beyond Aion Team
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