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  • Issue with the client

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  • Hello its me again seems alot of hard work to install its not like the official version Im getting this error while intalling i dont speak deutsh just english so no idea whats going on...

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  • Part 2 is broken and needs to be downloaded again :(
    Every part should be 4GB in size, except the last one.
    Unfortunately the unpacker messages are in German because we created the installer with a German version of WinRAR.

    Please make sure to delete the old part02.rar before downloading the new one. Otherwise the browser will rename your newly downloaded part and the unpacker won't find the file. If that happens, you can fix the file name of course.
  • really guys. i hope you will make a launcher because that will attract alot more people aswell. you are loosing so many players on the way we have to install your shit, takes to freaking long and way to many problems.
    i mean, why dont you even have a torrent file ? Make that file the WHOLE game so you just need to open the folder and click on the Aion Client.
    and with a bit of help or research i think you guys will be able to make a launcher.

    i know that i would love to play on your servers, because all your ideas and the bounty hunting system is genius! dont get why u dont optimize your stuff for new players so that they only have to click "Create Account" "Download Game" "Click Play" 3 simple steps!
  • Thanks for your feedback. We did optimize as far as we could, otherwise people wouldn't even have an installer. The only thing we do not provide is an all in one download. So yes, you need to download 7 parts, but after that it's only a matter of double clicking part01.exe and you're set. The desktop icon will be created automatically and you can start playing.

    So why don't we offer a one part download? Simply due to missing economical hosting options, plus the fact that people with slow or bad connections would often have to re-download everything instead of only part X.
    But you're right, we could indeed offer a torrent. The problem here is, most players don't even know what that is, so it would hurt more than benefit.
    And why don't we offer a launcher like NC or GF with an integrated downloader and installer?
    It's not like we couldn't do it or never thought about it, but that's a whole project on its own, where we just don't have the time for. Maybe we will at some point, but most likely not in the foreseeable future.
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