[Feature] PvP-Map

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  • [Feature] PvP-Map

    Hello community!

    We have come up with a special feature for the pvp-enthusiasts among you : a PvP-Map!
    You can enter the PvP-Map from anywhere1 by typing .pvp join. By using .pvp leave you leave the PvP-Map and are teleported to your previous position2. Typing .pvp info shows you the current amount of players on the PvP-Map.

    The PvP-Map offers the following features:
    • modus: Elyos vs. Asmodians
    • 100% more AP in comparison to other maps
    • respawn on two different locations per faction with full hp and mp
    • respawn protection through two towers
    • chest spawn:
      • an announcement will inform you about the chest spawn
      • the spawn position is shown on the map
      • loot table
    • shugo spawn:
      • When killing an opponent, there is a chance that a shugo spawns nearby.
      • The shugo heals your HP and MP and resets your skill cooldowns for 50.000 Kinah.
      • Only one shugo spawns simultaneously.
    • Bounty Hunting

    1Except for instances and locations where certain events occur (e.g. sieges).
    2You will be teleported to your obelisk if certain events are occuring at your previous position (e.g. sieges).
  • the chest can contain the following items:

    Display Spoiler

    icon 182400001
    icon 186000238
    icon 162000124
    icon 164000076
    icon 164000073
    icon 164000134
    icon 164000079
    icon 167020024
    icon 167020025
    icon 167020026
    icon 167020027
    icon 167020028
    icon 167020029
    icon 167020030
    icon 167020031
    icon 167020032
    icon 167020033
    icon 167020034
    icon 167020035
    icon 167020036
    icon 167020037
    icon 167020038
    icon 167020039
    icon 167020040
    icon 186000242
    icon 166020000
    icon 166500002
    icon 166030005
    icon 188053783
    icon 188053618
    icon 188053905
    icon 186000236
    icon 186000237
    icon 186000243

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