To the elysian people

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    • To the elysian people

      Greetings Elyos

      Cloister of Kaisinel had told us bad news.
      Two daevas, an elyos and asmodian working together against us!
      The elyos had stolen informations about our battle plans, finds and kills him before he can trade it!
      If u where there still kill the asmodian-spy we were appreciate on you.
      We are not willing that the elyos traitor will be caught. Only the death counts!

      Here are some of his offenses:

      Treason: He has passed information to our enemies, battle plans, etc.
      Assassination on our own people: He is responsible for the death of several soldiers,
      Reduction of our defense: Defence bases undermining etc.

      He will be meet the asmodian-spy at 8pm in the Steel Wall Bastion.
      Go there now and kill them !
      We will reward you abundantly for your efforts.
      But be warned, there are no usual Daevas. They are battle-hardened and stronger than an individual.
      Goes with more people just so you can kill them!
      In addition, there can be our enemies. Kill them also, every fallen asmodian is a good asmodian!

      Hurry up! The meeting will count 20 minutes!

      To join or leave the map:
      .pvp join
      .pvp leave

      There are no rules, u can use everything (except Cheats/Hacks etc.)
      U wouldnt be put into the event-mode. it means:
      On every death u will lose ap, but u will gain ap for a kill
      U will spawn randomly on the map
      If u leave the PvP-Map u will had a 5 minute cooldown
      After killing both spys, the event is over but u can continue the pvp.
      At 8:20pm the final will start: If some spy wouldnt be attacked anymore he will escape.
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