PvP-Event 30.04.2016

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    • PvP-Event 30.04.2016


      on 30.04.2016 at 08:00pm we start a PvP-Event.

      There will be a 1v1 between Elyos and Asmodians.It is modeled on the Korean Arena banter.
      The winner stays in combat and gets immediately following the next opponent, which has to attack as fast as possible.

      • No manabreak or otherwise
      • No CD reset
      • There are all skills allowed (except guardian morph)
      • The fight has to start immediately
      • Only the own buffs are allowed
      • No intervene into the fight
      • No flame or whining
      • No arrangement
      Every foul can be punished.

      Tools / hacks / mods: The entire event will be videotaped, after event we will view the video, will be there some suspicious we reserve the right, the person wouldnt get the rewards, before it will be cleared up. The whole event we´ll have the combat log open, should we notice some suspicious the person will be removed immediately.

      Any event removal involves that the Player wont get his rewards.

      Have fun!

      your Beyond-Aion Team
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