Forum Quiz Part 3

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    • Forum Quiz Part 3

      Hello Community!

      Here comes the third part of the forum quiz, you have time to answer this questions until Saturday evening at 20:00' (8pm) via private forum message to MetiZ or Venla . It is allowed to participate with one account per person. Please send in your answers with the name of your in-game character who will receive the prize in case of winning. Of course you can work together with other players, considering, however, that we don't rate duplicate messages (responses were adopted 1: 1 and you didn't write them by yourself). Messages that have been edited,also did not count. If you want edit something (like your character name), sends a second message. The first answer that you give will count, the event is long enough that you can leave you enough time. ;)

      Questions for Elyos:

      Where in Sanctum and by which NPC will you be asked for a dice game?

      Where can you find this picture?

      What is at stake in the story "Dancing children"? (The answer "dancing children" is not enough ;) )

      Questions for Asmodians:

      Which is the most impressive work of Serbetus?

      What is the working-class district, and which is the district for the rich in pandaemonium?

      What is at stake in the story "Asmo and Ellie"?

      Anyone with the correct answers wins the following prices:

      icon 186000237
      icon 186000238

      Good luck and have fun,

      your Beyond Aion Team
    • Good evening!

      Here are the solutions of this week, this time all participants were right, congratulations! :)


      1. Deke on the outer harbor of Sanctum
      2. Acetlar and the fool Heimdal
      3. There was a city near Poeta, who suffered from famine, the people were then becoming thinner. One night some boys promised her mother that they will not dance and regain her strength at night. Only one of the brothers kept that in mind. The others danced around a fire all night long. In the morning there was a strong draft and took the dancing children with it. They were never seen again.


      1. The capital building
      2. The worker's district: Crandale District | The district of the rich: Vanahal District
      3. The story is about a female Asmodian ,named Asmo, and an elyos, named Ellie. Asmo drives some jokes with Ellie, whereupon she dies over and over again. By her final prank Asmo made Ellie flying in the glowing sun of the Abyss and since it was too far away from the Obelisk, she could not get up again. Her soul has been returned into the aether.

      We hope you had fun!

      Your Beyond Aion Team
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