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      This is a pserver. As such, we're not constrained to the decisions made by a board of directors in Korea or somesuch. That being said, the dedicated devs of Beyond Aion have a free hand with tweaking the numbers and variables that exist on this server. So why in the world do basic services like teleports or soul healers still cost so much? It can cost thousands of kinah just to port around your home city, to say nothing of soul healing. On retail, such things are meant to be money sinks. Here, such costs are pointless.

      What I propose is making Administrator's Boon permanent. If the buff itself cannot be made permanent, then perhaps the item that gives it could be. Or maybe have a much longer decay rate, say 300 days instead of just 3. Alternately, drop said item into the General Goods merchant inventory, at something like 1 kinah. Heck, add it to the loot table if you like. Any of these options would be both an improvement, and a benefit to everyone.
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    • I hear what you're saying but I don't think these money sinks are pointless here.
      It sure is hard at the beginning, which is why we hand out Administrator's Boon. Later this won't be a big of deal anymore. However, it still is not pointless because all costs add up and prevent high inflation.
      In the long run, reducing or even removing the costs would only benefit veterans, whereas new players would not be able to afford items on the market.

      (Keep in mind that this is just an opinion and not a final decision)
    • Perhaps 'pointless' was the wrong term. How about 'unnecessary'?

      With all due respect, I think you've got it backwards. If basic services (IE, transport or soul healing) are expensive, then the easiest way to recoup those costs would be inflated auction prices. Also, in the long run, the greatest benefit to providing the Boon on a broader scale would accrue to the newer players, as vets already have substantial income streams and are likely not even aware of the aforementioned costs. A drop in the bucket, as it were.

      Thus my suggestion of placing the Boon in merchant inventories; eventually an established player would no longer even bother to keep his Boon 'current', as his income would far outstrip it's need. Thus, the use of this item would be self-limiting.
      Killin' the mobs, takin' thier stuff...
    • Well, if you buy a mansion (or higher) you don't even have costs of soul healing.
      You need to take some kinah out of the game with soul healing / teleport! I think it's important to do so. If you don't have any costs at all, player would run around with billions of kinah. If you compare the auction prices here and on GF servers, you'll see that these player have too much kinah to spend. The auction prices over there are much higher. (Too much kinah = higher prices in my opinion.)

      You can earn a lot of kinah by farming / questing / crafting (supplies).

      But that's just what i think :)
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    • We discussed your topic in our team and came to the following conclusion: The Administrator's Boon will be changed for a 15 day version, so new characters have enough time to get to a level, where your Kinah are not that big of a deal anymore.
      As previously explained, its essential to have money sinks in the game, that's why we will keep the general costs at the current levels.

      Best regards
      your Beyond Aion Team
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