Terms Of Use

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  1. General Terms

    1. Compliance

      By accepting our terms of use you confirm that you have completely read and follow them. Violations lead to sanctions. Posts, which are related to this, are edited or deleted on our platforms.
      Violations of the German law are immediately reported to the authorities.
    2. Validity

      If particular parts of our terms are not effective or impracticable, this does not restrain the validity of the effective or practicable parts.
    3. Membership

      Every person is allowed to possess up to three accounts on Beyond Aion.
    4. Costs

      The account creation and usage of all services provided by Beyond Aion is free of charge, and donations to the server take place voluntarily. For this reason users are never entitled to compensation against Beyond Aion.
    5. Domestic Authority

      The operators of Beyond Aion reserve the domestic authority. An account can thus be disabled or deleted by administrators without stating reasons. Likewise, posts can be edited or deleted by team members without stating a reason.
    6. Exploitation

      If you find security holes or other bugs on one of our platforms, which grant illegal advantages or permissions to specific users, you have to report these to the Beyond Aion team immediately. Furthermore these bugs are forbidden to be utilized.
    7. Advertisement

      Advertisement for other servers, websites, products or contents of a commercial nature (purchase offers, sale offers, services, contracts and so on) is disallowed. Purchase and sales offers of Beyond Aion accounts underlie a strictly regulated exception (see).
    8. Fraud

      Fraud is not being tolerated on Beyond Aion.
      The Beyond Aion team will never ask for your password. If this however is the case, it's a scam and you have to report the person with sufficient evidence to the team administration.
  2. Community

    1. Team internal information

      Player identities of team members have to be kept a secret - even when communicating with other team members.
      Furthermore there is information, which is only accessible for team members. If players get these team internal information, they may neither pass it on to third parties nor exploit it. Provided that they get the information due to faulty settings or similar, they have to brief the Beyond Aion team immediately about this bug.
    2. Language

      On all platforms of Beyond Aion, public communication takes place only in German or English.
    3. Behavior & Diction

      Contents of the following nature are forbidden on all platforms of Beyond Aion:
      • spam
      • insult
      • denunciation
      • discrimination
      • glorification of violence
      • right-wing radicalism
      • propaganda & extreme poltical views
      • pornography & obscenities
      Moreover we expect a respectful and preferably friendly contact together to protect a neat climate and positive gaming experience.
    4. Disturbance

      Trolling or provoking other players excessively is disallowed.
      Accounts, which have apparently been created to this purpose, are banned without further comment and other accounts of this person will be determined to initialize further steps, if necessary.
      Members who steadily and repeatedly attract negative attention, by disturbing the peace within the community, receive restricted permissions right up to account bans.
    5. TeamSpeak

      Client connections, which do not represent a person (e.g. music bots), are forbidden on our TeamSpeak server.
    6. Forums

      The total file size of all pictures within the signature may not exceed 300kB.
  3. Game Server

    1. Faction restriction

      Only one and the same faction may be played within the same household.
    2. Multi accounting

      Not more accounts may be played on one computer altogether, than one person is allowed to possess (see).
    3. Multi clienting

      Simultaneously logging in multiple accounts on the same computer is allowed, as long as the multi accounting rule is not violated.
    4. Trading of accounts

      Purchase and sales offers of Beyond Aion accounts are tolerated in game, as long as they do not appear more often than three times per hour in public chats.
    5. Illegal Advantages

      Gaining illegal advantages for your own gaming character or giving them to characters of others is forbidden.

      This includes the following main aspects:
      • Exploiting erroneous contents of the game, so-called bugs. Examples are PvP-Attacks in Non-PvP-Zones, or to get/move others via skills, glitches, etc. into inaccessible zones. Those bugs have to be reported immediately in our Bugtracker.
      • Using modified files or third-party-applications, which give playful advantages, are not allowed. Examples are, besides hacking tools, also bot-programs or macros, which let orders be executed repeatedly in the game without you being present.
      • The repeated killing of the same player, which was arranged with them, to get AP - so-called AP-Sharing. We cannot distinguish AP-Sharing from your repeated superiority over other players with the aid of logfiles, so we punish both players equally in a reasonable case.
    6. Events

      You always have to follow the eventmasters' rules and instructions during events. The event is over, when all participants left the event-area and -mode.
      Every participant and spectator, who is in the event-mode, may not leave the event-area. You are not allowed to leave your assigned location or to do PvP without the approval of the eventmaster.
  4. Support

    1. Account security

      Each person is responsible for their own account. Beyond Aion can only react to an account loss, if sufficient evidence (including the answer of your security question), which proves that you are the owner of this account, is submitted via a support ticket.
    2. Infringements

      • If a player violates our terms in game, they have to be reported via a support ticket with clear evidence. If there is a very severe violation (e.g. hacking) during the support times, you also have to contact the GM currenty on duty.
        Every report has to fulfill the following criteria:
        • the in game time must be visible on screenshots or in videos at least once
        • the evidence must not be edited
        • the evidence may not be older than 36 hours
        Videos, which show players using hacks, do not require the indication of time necessarily, however you have to record the battle-log in the chat for an inspection of "No-Ani".
      • Upon infringements on the TeamSpeak server, you contact a supporter on the TeamSpeak server. If this does not work, you have to submit a support ticket with all available relevant data.
      • Upon infringements in the forums, you use the forum-internal reporting function.
    3. Sanctions

      Sanctions only happen with sufficient evidence. Complaints about those can be submitted via a support ticket; players have the right to view the existing evidence against them. If an administrator makes a decision as last resort, it is final.

      Details concerning in game sanctions may only be passed on by the immediate victim.

(Last update: Apr 19th 2022, 1:38pm)