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  • Fafnir -

    Posted the thread [Event] Korean Event.

    Thread…4f6f30c8635e9444d5478652f On the 11.10.2019 at 5 pm we will host a Korean PvP Event. What is a Korean PvP Event? A player goes in the center and an opponent player comes to it. Should one of the two be defeated,
  • Myrte -

    Now follows Mimmiko.

  • Farlon -

    Replied to the thread Duplicate Poeta quests don't work.

    Hello, 1. I could not find any error in this quest. Without further information, we can not do anything 2. This is a duplicate (Link) Best regards
  • Farlon -

    added the news “Happy Birthday!”.

    Beyond Aion celebrates its fourth birthday
    On November 15th, 2019 we celebrate our 4th birthday and can look back on an eventful year. Player numbers have waved as always. From a few main players, a few more and at the moment rather few. That may have different reasons and none of them can…
  • Akame -

    Replied to the thread Issue with the client Can't login via this IP.

    Hello! Since i need a bit more information, awnser this few questions please: - Did you Type your account information Wrong? If yes: You only need to wait 15 minutes, until you can try it again. - If not, where exactly does this error occur?
  • 3dee -

    Posted the thread Issue with the client Can't login via this IP.

    ?? What's this about :(
  • Farlon -

    Replied to the thread No Bug Kromede's Trial Level 41 (instance) Fake Stigmas.

    [Instanz] Gefälschte Stigmen Hello MickeyTSr, I have successfully completed the quest and the following ones and found no mistake. But in your post I discovered a very important typo that could be responsible: The NPC is called Kurochinerk, not Koru
  • Farlon -

    Replied to the thread No Bug Eracus Temple Flight instructor.

    Hello MickeyT, I can not reproduce the bug because everything is displayed correctly for me. As soon as you reach a certain level (about 5 to 10 levels higher than the quest level), the symbols are no longer displayed. However, the NPC still has the…
  • mardebus -

    Now follows Shalltear.

  • Shalltear -

    Now follows mardebus.

  • Farlon -

    added the news “Gift of the Alchemist”.

    Find the suspicious alchemist from 25.10. to 03.11.2019
    According to rumors in the capitals, Pandaemonium and Sanctum, the suspicious alchemist is to reappear. We have been told that he is able to transform lead into treasures, so it's time to save with small effort useful Items for crafting. Try…
  • Fafnir -

    Posted the thread [Event] FFA-PvP.

    Thread…4f6f30c8635e9444d5478652f On the 10.20.2019 at 5 pm we will host a FFA-PvP Event.
    What is a FFA-PvP Event? At a FFA-PvP Event all players will fight each other. This Players who die are permitted to click on „Ok“ and
  • Brutalanda -

    Replied to a comment by Nerissa on Brutalanda’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    du nudl
  • Fafnir -

    Replied to the thread [Event] Korean PvP.

    Thank you for the participation at the Korean PvP Event, we hope you enjoyed it! The rewards are: icon 186000242 icon 166030005 best Regards
  • Nerissa -

    Wrote a comment on Brutalanda’s wall.

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