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There are are currently 40 players online
Level Faction Player Class Legion
65 Opie Cleric
14 Melodi Songweaver M Y S T I C
65 Boltar Templar P H A L A N X
26 Nytro Cleric
65 Bionda Spiritmaster P H A L A N X
34 Heilsuse Cleric M Y S T I C
65 Makinaa Chanter L E G E N D Z
65 Shogen Gunslinger FINAL JUDGEMENT
65 Rum Cleric I N F I N I T Y
65 Liane Songweaver Next Generation
65 Mikahil Cleric Vraktionsferrad
65 Jaro Spiritmaster Vraktionsferrad
65 Tenora Chanter Next Generation
65 Cafe Cleric Deja Vu
51 Alpha Assassin Schattenwoelfe
65 Yaaak Cleric adult swim
65 Sparterkus Spiritmaster Matrixx
65 Curtis Chanter
65 Pille Cleric JustforFun
65 Saraya Songweaver Wolfsrudel
65 Wolfenstein Templar Wolfsrudel
65 Jhy Sorcerer Vraktionsferrad
65 Lyrikz Songweaver My little Pwny
11 Knogga Chanter Vraktionsferrad
65 Negativ Chanter Deja Vu
65 Jyhiro Chanter
15 Garmond Gunslinger
65 Rot Gladiator Deja Vu
65 Racalla Cleric P I T C H F O R K
15 Anastrea Cleric
65 Nagai Chanter Next Generation
65 Obscura Ranger
35 Bijouri Chanter M Y S T I C
6 Mickymouse Artist
10 Zarathustra Songweaver
65 Talida Songweaver Vraktionsferrad
65 Beati Sorcerer M Y S T I C
41 Janie Gunslinger
31 Viper Gunslinger P H A L A N X
65 Galtron Templar M Y S T I C