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There are are currently 39 players online
Level Faction Player Class Legion
21 Ladytank Templar Schattenreich
65 Etro Spiritmaster Beyond Aion Team
65 Thena Templar Work In Progress
65 Urienmad Cleric Work In Progress
65 Dabra Templar W A T C H O U T
65 Zan Cleric Free Fighter
65 Emalia Songweaver Matrixx
65 Nervyne Songweaver W A T C H O U T
65 Healmaus Cleric W A T C H O U T
65 Gwenwyfar Cleric Vraktionsferrad
64 Santrina Spiritmaster The Dark Side of the Sun
65 Skyra Gladiator W A T C H O U T
65 Zulay Sorcerer Asylum
65 Welolo Cleric The Dark Side of the Sun
65 Idkyou Ranger White Killerz
65 Tyrez Songweaver Vraktionsferrad
20 Malmede Spiritmaster Schattenreich
65 Bijouri Chanter Black Angel
65 Andal Aethertech RisingOrder
65 Ceylon Cleric Black Angel
56 Fredb Gladiator
65 Isana Ranger RisingOrder
65 Gladiatuss Gladiator Shine Bride
65 Acedia Assassin Vraktionsferrad
65 Kaiketsu Sorcerer Black Angel
65 Chian Assassin Free Fighter
65 Naquadriah Cleric RisingOrder
65 Buffy Chanter Black Angel
65 Fearless Spiritmaster Black Angel
65 Lafay Templar UnLEAShED im EXiL
65 Rakash Gladiator UnLEAShED im EXiL
9 Jerry Warrior
65 Tatzumaru Assassin Black Angel
61 Tifa Gladiator
65 Infaillible Ranger W A T C H O U T
65 Durex Gladiator Work In Progress
62 Crystalblue Cleric
65 Angelica Chanter Work In Progress
65 Alex Templar Work In Progress