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There are are currently 19 players online
Level Faction Player Class Legion
65 Joker Songweaver Wolfsrudel
65 Bionda Spiritmaster P H A L A N X
65 Melodi Songweaver M Y S T I C
65 Hisako Cleric M Y S T I C
10 Smradoska Scout
65 Nora Cleric La Vida Loca
65 Lidia Cleric
10 Bdcloud Templar
65 Arminius Templar La Vida Loca
65 Zerotwo Chanter I N F I N I T Y
65 Bijouri Chanter M Y S T I C
65 Amboss Aethertech Utopie
23 Dias Sorcerer
24 Paved Sorcerer
62 Nephri Chanter LAGERLOCA
65 Rocknrot Sorcerer Utopie
65 Levi Cleric l Why so Bad l
65 Makira Gladiator
65 Scarlet Gladiator