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There are are currently 19 players online
Level Faction Player Class Legion
65 Aenorio Gunslinger GodMode
65 Mrbutterfly Aethertech GodMode
41 Klingy Songweaver
49 Laos Cleric UnLEAShED im EXiL
17 Simka Ranger
65 Morykyra Spiritmaster LuxNecis
65 Blackmamba Songweaver
65 Neodym Spiritmaster L E G E N D Z
65 Gwenwyfar Cleric Tiamats Erbe
65 Bloodsucker Chanter GodMode
65 Yakui Templar adult swim
65 Liana Assassin GodMode
65 Mistique Cleric L E G E N D Z
65 Mecki Cleric GodMode
65 Yondaime Ranger GodMode
65 Saraya Songweaver Wolfsrudel
65 Wolfenstein Templar Wolfsrudel
31 Ramak Songweaver
65 Meshin Assassin