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There are are currently 67 players online
Level Faction Player Class Legion
65 Ray Templar Nox
65 Skyper Templar Paradigma
65 Kitten Cleric Fight For Freedom
65 Coux Gladiator still here
65 Kary Cleric P I T B U L L S
65 Toshiro Assassin FiftyPercentCooler
65 Absolute Gladiator No Problem
65 Heilsuse Cleric Nox
1 Belen Engineer
65 Seiyna Songweaver Matrixx
65 Emalia Songweaver Matrixx
65 Sparter Assassin Matrixx
46 Energize Assassin FINALHEAVEN
65 Raystarling Gladiator L E G E N D Z
65 Annefront Templar Nox
65 Pinky Cleric Computer sagt Nein
65 Blackyy Gladiator L E G E N D Z
65 Skyve Sorcerer LastSmile
65 Bijouri Chanter Nox
65 Neonrox Assassin No Problem
65 Magentatv Songweaver Nox
65 Hoti Assassin Excellent
65 Rom Ranger Fairy Tail
65 Suzaku Cleric Nox
65 Nomercy Templar Computer sagt Nein
65 Blaze Sorcerer Nox
65 Buffy Chanter Nox
65 Morrigan Gunslinger Computer sagt Nein
65 Alyin Songweaver Nox
1 Lie Engineer
65 Cray Chanter LastSmile
65 Berserkhealer Chanter P I T B U L L S
65 Mailin Assassin still here
65 Silja Chanter R E V O L U T I O N
65 Kiba Songweaver L E G E N D Z
65 Cobra Gladiator P I T B U L L S
30 Mozuko Cleric
1 Sympatischertyp Priest
65 Bloody Chanter L E G E N D Z
65 Valkiria Templar P I T B U L L S
65 Yossarian Spiritmaster L E G E N D Z
65 Ajiku Gunslinger
65 Broly Assassin Paradigma
65 Alphakek Aethertech L E G E N D Z
65 Peqasus Chanter No Problem
65 Kayaba Sorcerer Beyond Aion Team
65 Nordie Sorcerer L E G E N D Z
65 Nalderia Spiritmaster Computer sagt Nein
65 Doomtech Aethertech P I T B U L L S
65 Qtpie Templar No Problem
65 Melocake Songweaver Nox
65 Kokuryu Spiritmaster Nox
65 Dorlock Ranger No Problem
10 Imout Warrior
65 Mango Cleric Paradigma
47 Korifique Cleric FINALHEAVEN
51 Senji Templar
65 Hygeia Songweaver No Problem
59 Juleska Assassin
65 Myuki Cleric L E G E N D Z
43 Peanut Chanter FINALHEAVEN
65 Xame Gunslinger Nox
65 Seiryuu Templar Nox
65 Tekashi Spiritmaster FiftyPercentCooler
65 Backpflaume Spiritmaster LastSmile
65 Ember Assassin Dead Men Tell No Tales
65 Device Sorcerer P I T B U L L S