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There are are currently 15 players online
Level Faction Player Class Legion
65 Melodi Songweaver Blackhands
65 Jaquay Gladiator P I T C H F O R K
65 Rii Templar Team QQ
65 Emalia Songweaver P H A L A N X
65 Hypno Cleric P H A L A N X
65 Bijouri Chanter Black Angel
65 Talida Songweaver Black Angel
65 Rawiya Songweaver P I T C H F O R K
65 Ceylon Cleric Black Angel
65 Lumen Ranger UnLEAShED im EXiL
65 Anadmiel Gladiator Black Angel
15 Dosenoeffner Gladiator
65 Saber Templar Black Angel
65 Unbekannter Ranger P H A L A N X
25 Soziolotrice Songweaver