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There are are currently 55 players online
Level Faction Player Class Legion
65 Midna Spiritmaster P I T B U L L S
65 Khaan Gladiator Nox
65 Clio Templar TicketToHell
65 Xenoriie Songweaver TicketToHell
65 Miiyuki Sorcerer Team QQ
65 Hinu Templar Matrixx
65 Xly Songweaver
65 Clairelenia Sorcerer Eternal Elegance
65 Seiyna Songweaver Matrixx
65 Emalia Songweaver Matrixx
65 Meshin Sorcerer still here
65 Arminia Cleric Rainbow Poopers
65 Sparter Assassin Matrixx
65 Mauve Cleric La Casa de Papel
65 Blackyy Gladiator RADION ELITE
65 Beiro Cleric Dark Undead Rising
65 Bijouri Chanter Nox
65 Cassiopeya Spiritmaster Rainbow Poopers
65 Nomercy Templar Matrixx
65 Buffy Chanter Nox
65 Azuna Songweaver Nox
65 Baretta Gunslinger Nox
65 Vegetax Sorcerer TicketToHell
65 Ifera Sorcerer Ice Wings
11 Numbertwo Gunslinger Team QQ
65 Akazu Songweaver TicketToHell
65 Leaf Assassin
65 Wandy Songweaver Ist was Doc
65 Melodye Songweaver P I T B U L L S
65 Nyanko Chanter TicketToHell
56 Vander Chanter Familie des Nebels
65 Nathalys Cleric Nox
65 Tweegy Assassin has logged out
65 Naestra Gladiator P I T B U L L S
65 Bloody Chanter L E G E N D Z
65 Spirit Songweaver L E G E N D Z
65 Anzu Chanter TicketToHell
65 Asako Templar TicketToHell
65 Healdeguard Chanter Nox
65 Forest Cleric Ninjas in Pyjamas
65 Asula Ranger Nox
65 Ossirus Cleric TicketToHell
65 Etenna Cleric The Player
65 Yukikaze Assassin W A R L O R D S
65 Emrys Spiritmaster Nox
65 Yuisun Chanter FiftyPercentCooler
37 Arjo Cleric
65 Serafin Songweaver
65 Shinie Gladiator has logged out
65 Cloudaax Chanter has logged out
34 Lyrim Chanter
65 Yukikochan Cleric Nox
65 Heda Cleric has logged out
65 Jorm Gladiator TicketToHell
42 Kunz Ranger