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There are are currently 38 players online
Level Faction Player Class Legion
65 Iromi Chanter
65 Medisande Cleric NoN pLuS uLtRa
65 Temura Spiritmaster Nox
65 Yuurigott Cleric NoN pLuS uLtRa
65 Zatanna Sorcerer FiftyPercentCooler
65 Kriegsfalke Ranger Stand Alone
65 Seiyna Songweaver Matrixx
15 Aeros Sorcerer
65 Blackstar Templar FiftyPercentCooler
65 Tuhnichtbitchig Templar
65 Treack Assassin Matrixx
65 Kuoloma Cleric FiftyPercentCooler
65 Claudirot Assassin Utopie
65 Rom Ranger Fairy Tail
65 Mizzy Assassin NoN pLuS uLtRa
65 Harfe Songweaver NoN pLuS uLtRa
65 Cray Templar Matrixx
65 Divavee Ranger MEB
65 Laserspace Gunslinger Dementum
65 Termine Aethertech P H A L A N X
65 Jaq Assassin Matrixx
65 Keiko Songweaver P H A L A N X
65 Vegetax Sorcerer Fairy Tail
65 Ifera Sorcerer Nox
65 Charming Templar P H A L A N X
65 Urkabios Chanter Nox
65 Morgaine Songweaver P H A L A N X
65 Crayon Chanter Matrixx
65 Boo Gunslinger
65 Popcorn Spiritmaster P H A L A N X
65 Musikussi Songweaver Fairy Tail
65 Sharina Songweaver NoN pLuS uLtRa
65 Chantee Ranger MEB
65 Sharin Chanter NoN pLuS uLtRa
65 Uthas Templar Matrixx
65 Ssthra Assassin L E G E N D Z
65 Leone Assassin BestStuff
65 Firefly Songweaver