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There are are currently 14 players online
Level Faction Player Class Legion
65 Sniipii Aethertech beste
65 Joannastarsider Chanter e t h e r e a l
65 Melodye Songweaver TicketToHell
65 Syndra Chanter Aegis
20 Gundi Gladiator WirDieBerliner
65 Strohhut Templar I N S A N E
65 Sijeko Cleric The Syndicate
65 Miiyuu Cleric N O M E R C Y
65 Cantilena Songweaver L E G E N D Z
65 Idiumbanger Aethertech L E G E N D Z
65 Sielo Songweaver Love Anime
20 Asmonator Chanter WirDieBerliner
65 Frenja Cleric Guardians of Asgard
65 Sygtriggr Chanter Guardians of Asgard