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There are are currently 54 players online
Level Faction Player Class Legion
65 Lilith Chanter Nox
65 Emunator Songweaver Commanders
13 Ivan Gunslinger
65 Shinikun Templar Commanders
65 Cafe Cleric Commanders
65 Skyline Sorcerer cringe society
65 Heilsuse Cleric Nox
65 Yovell Songweaver
65 Laisal Ranger Falken von Sanctum
65 Trxe Cleric Commanders
65 Notquas Sorcerer cringe society
65 Rexija Chanter Todeengel
65 Obregon Ranger
65 Sonar Songweaver Nox
65 Mauve Cleric La Casa de Papel
65 Bijouri Chanter Nox
65 Kisha Chanter Commanders
65 Hyun Cleric cringe society
65 Gilgamesh Gunslinger Nox
65 Critneyspears Assassin Nox
65 Fearless Spiritmaster Nox
65 Vegetax Sorcerer TicketToHell
65 Bud Aethertech Nox
65 Whitecrystal Cleric CyNiCaL
65 Berserkhealer Chanter P I T B U L L S
65 Nathalys Cleric Nox
65 Uthas Templar CyNiCaL
40 Alyss Gunslinger Just for Fun
65 Naestra Gladiator P I T B U L L S
65 Bloody Chanter L E G E N D Z
65 Spirit Songweaver L E G E N D Z
65 Enji Songweaver cringe society
65 Michaellcorleone Gladiator TicketToHell
65 Babblelabab Assassin cringe society
65 Kayaba Sorcerer Beyond Aion Team
65 Sami Songweaver
65 Lyvena Templar cringe society
1 Jyun Priest
65 Talez Gladiator cringe society
65 Redhead Gladiator Commanders
65 Shadowhunter Gladiator CyNiCaL
33 Alphabizeps Spiritmaster Commanders
5 Madita Warrior
65 Asako Templar Commanders
40 Thunfisch Chanter White Devils
65 Kriegslotus Chanter Stand Alone
44 Etenna Cleric The Player
65 Yukikaze Assassin P I T B U L L S
65 Nawaky Templar White Devils
65 Shajuko Sorcerer K A R M A
65 Yuisun Chanter K A R M A
65 Darkvirus Cleric CyNiCaL
65 Nexus Templar K A R M A
46 Valrija Cleric Friendship