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There are are currently 35 players online
Level Faction Player Class Legion
63 Meckie Songweaver LuxNecis
31 Object Gunslinger ProjectPitchfork
65 Morykyra Spiritmaster LuxNecis
65 Asklepios Cleric I N F I N I T Y
65 Neji Templar I N F I N I T Y
65 Amateurtemp Templar CTU
22 Aminera Songweaver
65 Lotus Assassin Schattendiebe
43 Astan Songweaver N O M E R C Y
65 Bijouri Chanter Nox
65 Marzipanose Chanter D A W N
65 Hottank Templar
65 Gilgamesh Gunslinger Nox
65 Nomercy Templar
65 Buffy Chanter Nox
65 Kanjoo Templar TicketToHell
65 Vegetax Sorcerer TicketToHell
65 Ifera Sorcerer Nox
65 Herzlos Gladiator TicketToHell
65 Nora Cleric TicketToHell
65 Shadowshade Gunslinger Ice Wings
65 Fearindiefresse Spiritmaster Matrixx
65 Nalila Chanter Die Firma
65 Ossirus Cleric TicketToHell
65 Paradoxus Ranger Ist was Doc
65 Schattenhunter Ranger Ist was Doc
65 Develi Gladiator N O M E R C Y
25 Lexina Gladiator
42 Keks Songweaver
65 Bahamutknight Gladiator Legion of Aion
65 Yuzu Cleric I N F I N I T Y
1 Xyz Engineer
65 Aita Gladiator Nox
65 Lateria Songweaver Nox
65 Minjo Sorcerer Porco Dio