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There are are currently 34 players online
Level Faction Player Class Legion
65 Nussknacker Gladiator Darksiders
65 Incursio Templar Nox
65 Melodi Songweaver Nox
60 Killerfrau Gladiator Fuzzel des Todes
65 Lithrios Templar Lokis Erben
65 Relaxo Templar Commanders
65 Eva Songweaver L E G E N D Z
65 Pummeleinhorn Songweaver W A T C H O U T
65 Healmaus Cleric Commanders
65 Graniti Aethertech Nox
65 Norry Gladiator L E G E N D Z
65 Pumpkid Templar Nox
65 Renessme Cleric Cygneas Nightmare
65 Bijouri Chanter Nox
65 Kitzune Spiritmaster Team QQ
65 Mattai Chanter P H A L A N X
65 Nacho Gladiator P H A L A N X
65 Godterran Cleric SeikeiKoukoTeam
65 Zatrie Chanter Cygneas Nightmare
65 Azuna Songweaver Team QQ
65 Ifera Sorcerer Nox
65 Uramedik Sorcerer Darksiders
65 Cen Ranger Nox
65 Swabi Gladiator P H A L A N X
65 Popcorn Spiritmaster P H A L A N X
28 General Cleric Fuzzel des Todes
50 Freezer Sorcerer Welcome to PvP
65 Michaelcorleone Gladiator Welcome to PvP
65 Tamede Cleric Cygneas Nightmare
65 Beulenfee Cleric Beyond Aion Team
65 Akaame Gladiator Cygneas Nightmare
35 Tara Sorcerer Fuzzel des Todes
65 Eurekar Gladiator Nox
64 Expew Songweaver P H A L A N X