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Schwarze Garde
Rank: 23
Level: 4
Members: 16
Points: 877,527
Member information
Name Level Class Rank
Violey 65 Gladiator Brigadegeneral
Lagerfutzi 12 Aethertech Centurion
Daimen 12 Templar Centurion
Serena 59 Spiritmaster Centurion
Bruegge 12 Chanter Centurion
Naneer 12 Cleric Centurion
Viarmo 13 Songweaver Centurion
Akira 65 Templar Legionary
Freia 34 Cleric Legionary
Mahin 63 Spiritmaster Deputy
Neci 65 Cleric Deputy
Celestia 65 Gladiator Deputy
Lagerheini 12 Sorcerer Volunteer
Loinell 1 Scout Volunteer
Cicero 15 Assassin Volunteer
Oriala 43 Sorcerer Volunteer