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Rank: 9
Level: 6
Members: 15
Points: 27,049,281
Member information
Name Level Class Rank
Shogen 65 Gunslinger Brigadegeneral
Kitsune 65 Cleric Centurion
Akama 65 Gladiator Legionary
Liz 65 Cleric Legionary
Phanom 65 Gunslinger Legionary
Aseca 65 Chanter Legionary
Hexenschuss 40 Gunslinger Legionary
Renpikar 65 Spiritmaster Legionary
Dysus 65 Sorcerer Legionary
Forci 65 Templar Volunteer
Yiishi 34 Templar Volunteer
Shivan 38 Ranger Volunteer
Satario 65 Cleric Volunteer
Playmeg 32 Chanter Volunteer
Soreya 42 Gunslinger Volunteer