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Version: 4.8 (EU-Client)
  • qualified support
  • 24/7 online (except for updates)
  • regular server maintenance, updates and backups
  • less bugs than on other private servers
  • Bugtracker and Suggestion forum
  • motivated and transparent team
  • communication between community and team
  • AP: x4
  • EP: x3
  • Collecting-/Crafting-EP: x5
  • Gathering count: x2
  • Well-adjusted GP-Gain/-Loss
  • regular events
  • no VIP
  • no Gold pack (8 characters per account, no limits on trading, chat, housing, etc.)
  • 3 Accounts per player
  • 3 crafting masterlevel per character
  • no 499 point limit for essence gathering and aether tapping
  • player commands, like .preview for an item-preview or .noexp to disable experience gain
  • increased entries for instances
  • increased drops of icon 186000238
  • Construction Fluxes in world drop
  • Courier Passes in instance bosses
  • icon 162001057 upon completion of campaign quest series
  • PvP-Map with increased AP rates
  • Bounty Hunting - PvP kill rewards
  • automatic Veteran Rewards
  • Bonus start items
  • Bonus package
  • Legion package - for Legions switching to our server
  • Refer a friend rewards - for referring and referred players
  • temporary active packages, like the Faction package or Promotion-Kit
  • Max-Level Pack - for all of those, who don't want to level up themselves
  • Nice-to-haves, like gathering on mounts, mounts allowed in Silentera Canyon, etc.
Who we are
Beyond Aion stands for a project that sets itself one goal:
Offering Aion in the way to provide each player with long-term fun, without greatly departing from officially standards. But also we want to, where variations are feasible and stand to reason, start out and do it better; either by our features or other adjustments.

Beyond - the pursuit for the higher/best (game experience)
Aion - the game in its original form

We want to be the Aion server, which we have personally sought as Aion players, but could not found under the existing servers.

What will you await
A friendly community as well as a server quality that you won't find on other private servers. Furthermore a motivated team which faces the requirements that we have set ourselves for you, and helpfully stands by your side with a friendly ear, as
well as an ambitious project management, which expedits the project with the same vigor.

What makes us
The relationship between the players and the team, as well as open communication and discussion of current issues.
We have clear goals, mutually make definite decisions and work together on the execution of these.
The positive climate in our community is our trademark.