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Since 2015 we have been offering a strong server with an energetic team and an active community.
We do not operate a fun-server, but want to offer long-term fun and also bring back the feeling of the "good old days". For example, through balanced rates, some demanding instances, as well as improvements that were previously missing on official servers.
The further development of the server has always been a central component of our concept and player suggestions are also regularly included. No server is 100% bug-free, but over the years we have fixed thousands of bugs and can proudly say that we have developed the objectively best functioning server emulator.
We also organize big and small events again and again and we offer all of this free of charge and without a Pay2Win factor.
For these reasons, we consider ourselves the best Aion private server and are always happy to welcome new players.

Version: 4.8 (EU-Client)
  • 24/7 online since 2015
  • daily backups
  • active development and bug fixes
  • regular events and updates
  • qualified support
  • reputable and neutral team
  • AP: x4
  • XP: x3
  • Collecting-/Crafting-XP: x5
  • Gathering count: x2
  • Well-adjusted GP-Gain/-Loss
  • PvPvE-Map with increased AP rates and boss spawns
  • Bounty Hunting - PvP kill rewards
  • Server buffs: 100% rate buffs on random days, random buffs during grinding and PvP, as well as supportive instance buffs on insufficient participants
  • Eternal Challenge (custom instance)
  • Vote 4 Nex
  • Farmable Item Icon186000409 to exchange them for special items
  • Automatic Veteran Rewards
  • Bonus start items and Starter Kit to support the leveling process
  • Bonus package for newcomers
  • Refer a friend rewards - for referring and referred players
  • Max-Level Pack - for all of those, who don't want to level up themselves
  • player commands, like .preview for an item-preview, .buy to exchange Item Icon186000409, .noexp to disable experience gain or .nomorph to disable candy transformations
  • increased drops of Item Icon186000238
  • Construction Fluxes in world drop
  • Courier Passes in instance bosses
  • Item Icon162001057 upon completion of campaign quest series
  • QoL improvements, like gathering on mounts, mounts allowed in Silentera Canyon, fast despawn of mobs without loot, non-droppable MP manastones, etc.
  • regular events
  • no VIP
  • no Gold pack (8 characters per account, no limits on trading, chat, housing, etc.)
  • 3 Accounts per player
  • 3 crafting masterlevel per character
  • no 499 point limit for essence gathering and aether tappin