[4.8 Update] Server maintenance February 14, 2015, 6:00 PM

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  • Following changes will take effect:
    • Client
      • Henceforth a european 4.8 client version is necessary. You can get it with the GameForge-Launcher
      • Due to the moving to a better root server a new client patch is needed to connect. You will receive it through our How-To-Play.
    • Removed Maps
      • Removed Sarpan, Tiamaranta, Tiamaranta's Eye, Katalam, Danaria
      • Moved location of characters, which were logged out on those maps to the air ships
      • Moved bind point location of characters, which were logged out on those maps to the starter point in Poeta / Ishalgen
    • Stigmas
      • Due to the update, all stigmas are unuseable, they can be exchanged to Kinah and AP.
      • You will find them in your inventory. If the unequip action overfills the remaining slots, so the other items will be accessible after getting some inventory space
    • Frozen Magic Event
      • This event will start after the completion of the update and will ends on February 28th at 23:59
      • You will obtain snowballs, which you can enchant with right-click or .decompose. If this action fails you will get an item depending on the snowballs level
      • You can drop them in Akaron, Kaldor, Cygnea and Enshar as world drop or by killing instance end bosses
    • Rates Event
      • This event starts with the completion of the update
    • Ahserion
      • At 17:50 on each sunday, a portal will be spawned in the hall of fame in Cloister of Kasinel and Convent of Marchutan. You can use it to register you for Ahserion's Flight.
      • At 18:00 the registration timer will stop and move all registered players to the Transidium Annex. After that, nobody can register anymore, so you are admonished to register in the given period of time
      • A time span about ten minutes will start after arriving the Transidium Annex
      • If the ten minutes are elapsed, the doors to the inner complex will open
      • At 7PM Ahserion will be despawned, so you have a short time span about 50 minutes to kill him
      • If you use return or something else, which will teleport you to another map, you will be disqualified and there is no return
      • If players die, they will be resurrected at the start point of the map
      • If your generator will be destroyed your complete faction will be excluded and teleported back
      • There is a maximum of participants of 24 players
    • Bounty Hunting
      • A new pvp feature to receive different rewards at specific numbers of player kills
    • Timetable
      • Changed the siege times, due to the removal of Katalam, Danaria and Tiamaranta
    • Invasions
      • Replaced invasion times of Katalam and Danaria with Cygnea and Enshar
    • Rifts
      • Removed rift guards in Eltnen, Heiron, Morheim, Beluslan due to the re-added level cap of their rifts
      • Modified rift openings. Their is a chance to open one to four rifts per map, excluding Cygnea and Enshar. The opening of rifts on these maps is guaranteed
      • Volatile Rift times
        • Monday, Wednesday, Saturday at 7 PM and Sunday at 3 PM in Cygnea
        • Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday at 7 PM and Sunday at 3 PM in Enshar
    • Idian Depths
      • Entrance portals will spawn at specific locations for one hour at 3 PM and 9 PM on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
      • Each faction has their own map, so there is no pvp available
      • Added Delta and Epsilon Enchantment Stone to the drop of these maps.
      • Additionally, there is rare chance to obtain a really valuable item
      • Removed bosses like Kamara and Captain Rata
    • GeoData
      • New maps and instances contains a rudimentary geodata
    • Progress of instances
      • Occupied Rentus Base: Released, optimizing necessary
      • Raksang Ruins: Released, only one way available
      • Anguished Tiamat's Hideout: Under construction
      • Seized Danuar Sanctuary: Under construction
      • Sealed Danuar Mysticarium: Under construction
      • Drakenspire Depths: Under construction
      • Stonespear Siege: Under construction
    • Quests
      • Due to the rework of campaigns, all classes follows the quest line of the rider
      • Due to the removal of bases in Katalam and Danaria blood mark quests can be received at Levinshor bases
      • Due to the removal of Tiamaranta's Eye treasure keys can be exchanged for an ap relic bundle in Cygnea or Enshar
      • Dorfauftrag fixed
      • Die vier Anführer (Quest 1467) fixed
      • Die Eltnen-Invasion [quest: 14026] fixed
    • Drops
      • Agrint-Essenz [item: 152016007] fixed
      • Increased the drop rate for balic hearts
      • Increased the drop rate for animas
      • Stigmas can be dropped as stigma sack, which contains only chargeable types
      • Removed stigma shards
    • Spawns
    • AI
    • Core

    For additional information you can read the official patch notes here

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    Beyond Aion Development

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