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  • You're excited? And so are we!
    There are already a lot more players who joined us, than we had hoped for the beginning. Now it is up to us, to not disappoint you and we will work hard for that.

    We are pleased, to announce the official launch date:
    We will open the server tomorrow, on Sunday, Novemeber 15th, 2015 at 18:00 clock.

    For this purpose, we must start out by pushing a longer maintenance period, so our servers will shut down from 14:00 clock. The character creation will therefore not be available for this time.
    Since we are aware that this maintenance time can make some new players the starter package inaccessible, we extend the previously set limit. Everyone will qualify for the starter pack, who creates his account and character until release day to 23:59:59 clock.

    We apologize for any problems with the website during this maintenance time, since we need to make some changes to the system, so that the server start can happen as smoothly as possible.

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