Server update June 9th, 2024

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  • The following changes have been made:
    • Instances & NPCs
      • Added consolation rewards for the Antriksha raid
      • Fixed Makarna: Oris bugged
      • Fixed an issue, which caused Oris to not do anything after resetting
      • Fixed an issue, which caused multiple seal protectors to spawn during the Beritra fight
      • Fixed an issue, which caused "Seal Mark" (bomb buff for Beritra) to be removeable by Cleanse
      • Fixed missing HP of one seal protector
      • Antriskha raid: Fixed incorrect NPC at the asmodian start area
      • Antriksha raid: Fixed some not walking NPCs
      • Antriksha raid: Fixed not despawning assault pods
      • Antriskha raid: Increased skill delay for cannon destroyers
    • Core
      • Added missing loot effects for drops like All-Powerfuls
      • Names will now only be reserved for 30 days after a name change
      • Fixed an issue, where /roll did not work with large numbers
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