Aion's Report #7

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  • Hello Daevas,

    We have some news for you!

    With today's update, the Normal Mode of Makarna is available to you, in which we have also added mythic armor as a drop.
    But that's not the only new feature. Also Ahserion's Flight has been expanded with missing mechanics and brought closer to the retail behavior (see Update News).
    We will, of course, monitor together with you to what extent balancing measures are still necessary here.

    Furthermore, after careful consideration, we have decided to remove the faction restriction with immediate effect.
    Many people have constantly circumvented this rule anyway and we no longer see any argument for artificially restricting a part of the community in their choice of faction. By removing this rule, everyone now has the opportunity to get to know the other side.
    Of course, the account restriction of a maximum of 3 accounts per person still applies. Also, no accounts will be unbanned that were previously banned for violating the faction restriction.

    Finally, a message to those who are interested in our server development. From now on the source code of our server is openly available.

    Best regards,
    your Beyond Aion server management

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