Server update March 22nd, 2024

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  • The following changes have been made:
    • Skills
    • Instances & NPCs
      • Fixed endless trash wave spawns on generator destruction in Illuminary Obelisk (see Schutzturm der Ruhn)
      • Fixed incorrect arena rewards if a match finished in round 1
      • Fixed player's healing skills could not be used by the end boss in Eternal Challenge
    • Core
      • Fixed teleportation skills would move you to your target's location under certain conditions
      • Fixed comma-separated item IDs were not recognized correctly by the .preview command and helmets can now be previewed regardless of helmet visibility settings
      • Fixed multiple memory leaks
    • Other
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    your Beyond Aion Development

    Hotfix March 23rd:
    • Fixed several issues in Shugo Imperial Tomb
    • Fixed some patrolling NPCs in Verteron, Morheim and Gelkmaros were walking inside each other

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