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  • Shugo Imperial Tomb
    Transform into a Shugo Warrior

    Dear community!
    The gates to the Shugo Imperial Tomb were now tightly sealed for a long time and since then you have repeatedly successfully driven away the intruders from the Shugo Emperor's Vault. But now frightening news has reached us: This seal has been broken! Daevas, it is now your responsibility again to defend the tombstones and the evil robbers in the period from 22.03. to 07.04.2024. The Shugos will reward you with a cut of their treasure!

    Conditions of participation and process
    The instance is for groups of three, and all members must be at least level 51 to enter. The instance can generally be accessed once a day.

    When you enter the event instance, you will automatically be transformed into a Shugo Warrior. In the middle of the room you will see 2 small gravestones and 1 slightly larger one. Emerging waves of monsters slowly move towards these tombstones. Your goal is to kill the monsters in 3 different phases before they destroy the main tower. You have special skills at your disposal for this - and only these. At the start you only have 3 skills, each next level grants you a stronger transformation and 1 additional skill.

    In each stage fairies will randomly appear, kill them to obtain supplies that will help you progress through the instance. Those items can freeze all monsters on the screen (Item Icon164002158), restore some of your DP (Item Icon164002156, Item Icon164002157) or even heal damaged tombstones (Item Icon164002161).

    When all stages are completed, you can enter the treasure room and claim your rewards. In order to get into this and open the treasure chests, you need the following requirements:
    1. Collecting 4 Treasure Map pieces
      Item Icon188100087 / Item Icon188100088 / Item Icon188100089 / Item Icon188100090
    2. and combine these into a random treasure room medal
      Item Icon182006989 / Item Icon182006990 / Item Icon182006991
    3. Alternatively, you will receive three random medals from Captain Lediar, the final boss of the instance
    4. Accessing the treasure room
    5. Use treasure chest keys to open treasure chests
      Item Icon185000129 / Item Icon185000128
    The keys and treasure map pieces are dropped by the bosses.

    In the treasure room you will find two types of treasure chests. Emperor's Relic, Empress' Relic and Crown Prince's Relic can be opened with only 1 treasure chest key. Special Box will require 3 treasure chest keys to open.

    possible rewards

    Emperor's Relic / Empress' Relic / Crown Prince's Relic / Special Box
    (different chances per group and chest)
    • Item Icon182006999
    • Item Icon166000195
    • Item Icon186000243
    • Item Icon186000059
    • Item Icon162000107
    • Item Icon162000137
    • Item Icon162000139
    • Item Icon162000141
    • Item Icon188052388
    • Item Icon166500002
    • Item Icon166020000
    • Item Icon188053609

    Emperor's Relic / Empress' Relic / Special Box
    (different chances per group and chest)
    • Item Icon188053120
    • Item Icon166200009
    • Item Icon166200010
    • Item Icon188052638
    • Item Icon166030005

    Emperor's Relic / Special Box
    (different chances per group and chest)
    • Item Icon188950019
    • Item Icon188053099
    • Item Icon188052946

    Exchange of coins
    It is possible for you to receive additional Entry Scrolls, among other rewards. Just buy the Item Icon188052166 from Marayrinerk for the earned Item Icon182006999 and see what luck brings you:

    possible rewards

    • Item Icon185000128
    • Item Icon188600199
    • Item Icon182006999
    • Item Icon186000409

    Do you like gambling? You can also buy a special item from Marayrinerk for 10 coins (Item Icon188052167). Decompose it and with a bit of luck a new item will fall out (Item Icon188052168), from which a new item will also emerge with luck (Item Icon188052169). If you are unlucky, you will receive 1 coin as a consolation prize. But if you make it to the fourth item (Item Icon188052170), you will receive 50, 100 or 150 coins.

    Kill Collector
    Period: March 22nd, 2024 to April 21st, 2024
    Maps: PvPvE-Map, Inggison, Gelkmaros, Akaron, Kaldor

    Within the event period you will receive PVP kill rewards for every 10 kills according to the reward table below.


    10Item Icon1860000513
    20Item Icon1880536102
    30Item Icon1860002422
    40Item Icon1660300055
    50Item Icon1860000513
    60Item Icon1880536102
    70Item Icon1860002422
    80Item Icon1880517091
    90Item Icon1860000513
    100Item Icon1880536102
    110Item Icon1860002422
    120Item Icon1880533661
    130Item Icon1860000513
    140Item Icon1880536102
    150Item Icon1860002422
    160Item Icon1880517101
    170Item Icon1860000513
    180Item Icon1880536102
    190Item Icon1860002422
    200Item Icon1665000025
    210Item Icon1860000513
    220Item Icon1880536102
    230Item Icon1860002422
    240Item Icon1880529361
    250Item Icon1860000513
    260Item Icon1880536102
    270Item Icon1860002422
    280Item Icon1683100181
    290Item Icon1860000513
    300Item Icon1880536102
    310Item Icon1860002422
    320Item Icon1660300055
    330Item Icon1860000513
    340Item Icon1880536102
    350Item Icon1860002422
    360Item Icon1880536461
    370Item Icon1860000513
    380Item Icon1880536102
    390Item Icon1860002422
    400Item Icon1683100181
    410Item Icon1860000515
    420Item Icon1880536103
    430Item Icon1860002423
    440Item Icon1665000025
    450Item Icon1860000515
    460Item Icon1880536103
    470Item Icon1860002423
    480Item Icon1650200201
    490Item Icon1860000515
    500Item Icon16603000510

    Now you play with a bonus!

    Over the Easter holidays, i.e. from March 29th, 2024 to April 1st, 2024, we will increase the rates for you as follows:
    • EXP +100%
    • AP +50%
    • Gathering EXP +100%
    • Craft EXP +100%
    • Gathering Count +100%

    We wish you much success and fun with the event!

    Best regards
    your Beyond Aion Team

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