Server update March 8th, 2024

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  • The following changes have been made:
    • Quests
    • Instance & NPCs
      • Fixed an issue, where dying NPCs could be tabbed. This fix affects following instances for now: Dragon Lord's Refuge (NM + HM), Rune Shield Tower (NM + HM), Runadium, Territory Battle, Eternal Challenge and the event instances
      • Fixed Agent Fight issues (s. Agentenkampf (Veille Mastarius))
        • Fixed an issue, where the agents spawned at their fight location
        • Fixed an issue, where players could aggro one of the agents
        • Fixed an issue, which caused the walking of the agents to be randomly delayed by several seconds
        • Added better synchronization, letting an agent, which arrived earlier, to wait
      • Reworked arena instances
        • Fixed incorrect displays
        • Fixed automatic resurrects on round changes resulted in a 20% revive instead of a full one
        • Fixed several instances of incorrect spawns
        • Fixed the display, duration and application of the spawn protection
        • Fixed the application of the score modifier in the last round
        • Fixed the stats and levels for arena NPCs
        • Fixed team members could be displayed as an enemy (s. Koop Arena - Team mitglied zählt als Feind)
        • Fixed Arena of Harmony's (coop) auto grouping
        • Implemented retail reward logic
        • Added missing rewards for lower level arenas
        • Added missing system messages
        • Increased the time, the reward window is displayed before players are teleported out
    • Core
      • Fixed an issue, where players could be teleported insde a not working arena instance
      • Fixed an issue, where the arena entering prompt could not be accepted
      • Fixed an issue, where large groups could block the matchmaking queue for small groups
      • Fixed an issue, where the entry icon for pvp instances were not resent
      • Fixed other possible issues regarding the matchmaking for pvp instances
    • Events

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