Lottery bad, Shugo game always wins, nyerk!

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  • Hello Daevas,
    have you heard? The passion for gambling returns to Atreia starting this weekend!
    From March 8th to March 17th, Item Icon186000389 can be obtained from the final bosses of the Baruna Research Laboratory, Rune Shield Tower, Rune Shield Tower (Heroic), and Makarna instances.
    If you are lucky, you can also find more Item Icon186000389 in Atreia.

    What are Lucky Coins?
    Lucky Coins are used to play the Shugo Game.
    A game costs one coin, easy to remember, right? Unlike normal gambling, you win something every time you play!

    How does the Shugo Game work?
    You can open the Shugo game by clicking on the Shugo icon to the right of your skill bar. The aim of the game is to upgrade the displayed greatsword to its maximum level. The first attempt begins as soon as you pay the coin.
    If the attempt is successful, you can choose to take the rewards of the current level (click Stop) or try your luck and continue upgrading (click Continue).
    You can upgrade until you reach the maximum level or until the upgrade attempt fails. Be careful, if the upgrade fails, you will fall back to the lowest level!
    If you can't or don't want to upgrade any further, you can click Quit to end the game and receive the rewards from the current treasure chest. This will end the game and you can start the next one by paying another Lucky Coin.
    Almost hit the jackput, but now it's lost?
    Not really! If you fail at level 6 or higher, you can undo it once per game. This will cost you 3 Item Icon186000389. You can then take the rewards of the last level you reached, or you can continue to level up. If you fail again, you will drop to the lowest level and will be forced to take the corresponding reward.

    I get Shugo Game Points every time I play, what are they?
    The Shugo Game Points show you how close you are to activating the Nyerk Fever Mode. When the bar is full, Nyerk Fever is activated and the rewards are increased. You can view the Nyerk Fever rewards by clicking on the checkbox of the reward list in the game window.
    Note: Nyerk Fever mode lasts 90 seconds, so you may want to save some coins before playing in this mode to take full advantage of the increased rewards. Once the time is up, you won't be able to receive any of the rewards from this mode. This includes the ongoing upgrade process. If you click Quit after the time is up, you will no longer be able to receive any enhanced rewards. You must ensure that you complete the game within the time limit.

    What are the rewards?
    Item Icon162002030
    Item Icon188053845
    Item Icon188053614
    Item Icon164002167
    Item Icon186000236
    Item Icon188052719
    Item Icon166100011
    Epic Kunax Armor (Item Icon188051709)
    Item Icon166000195
    Item Icon169405253
    Item Icon188053609
    Item Icon166200010
    Item Icon186000238
    Item Icon186000199
    Item Icon166030005
    Item Icon188052830
    Item Icon162000107
    Item Icon166020000
    Item Icon166500002
    Mythic Kunax Accessoires (Item Icon188051710)
    Item Icon186000237
    Item Icon186000051
    Item Icon188053618
    Item Icon188053610
    Item Icon186000399
    Item Icon188053628
    Item Icon188053295
    Item Icon188053100
    We hope you have fun and good luck with the Shugo game!

    Best Regards
    Beyond Aion Team

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