Server update December 1st, 2023

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  • The following changes have been made:
    • Skills
    • Instances & NPCs
      • Fixed an issue, where NPCs would try to attack without being in range
      • Fixed an issue, where Celetius spawned too many helpers in Taloc's Hollow
    • Core
      • Added missing magic resist cap in PvE
      • Fixed an issue, where players could not properly log out if they left their legion while staying inside a legion territory zone
      • Fixed an issue, which caused players to teleport onto their target's position
      • Fixed several issues related to server resource usage and updated to Java 21
    Best regards,
    your Beyond Aion Development

    Hotfix Dec 3rd, 2023:
    • Fixed an issue, which caused various problems after logging out and then logging back in
    • Fixed an issue, which allowed players to talk to NPCs with active login protection
    • Fixed an issue, which allowed invisible players to talk to NPCs which do not allow this
    • Fixed an issue, where Blind Leap would teleport you to your target
    • Fixed an issue, where mobs could not be looted anymore after disconnecting or leaving the area temporarily

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