Happy Birthday!

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  • Beyond Aion celebrates its eighth birthday

    On November 15th, 2023 we will celebrate our 8th birthday and can look back on an eventful time. Some users have been there from the beginning and are still there - we thank you for your loyalty. And like every year, we also send a welcome to the newcomers to our community. We remain true to ourselves and look positively into the future.

    On the occasion of the anniversary, we have prepared something for you:

    Cake battle

    Actually, new events were planned for specific occasions. However, we have noticed that many of you are already relying on a kind of tradition in this case and are looking forward to it. So why not...
    From 13.11.2023 to 26.11.2023 on the PvPvE-Map spawn at most 15 birthday cakes in random places. You just have to approach these cakes. Then you get a reward, the cake despawns and appears after a short time in another place.

    You can get the following rewards:


    • Item Icon188053628
    • Item Icon164002151
    • Item Icon162002030
    • Item Icon166000195
    • Item Icon186000243
    • Item Icon188051709
    • Item Icon188053700
    • Item Icon187000157
    • Item Icon168310018
    • Item Icon186000237
    • Item Icon188950015
    • Item Icon188053610
    • Item Icon188053295
    • Item Icon188052722
    • Item Icon166500002
    • Item Icon188053614
    • Item Icon188053618
    • Item Icon166030005
    • Item Icon186000402
    • Item Icon188053702
    • Item Icon190070017
    • Item Icon188950019
    • Item Icon160010217
    • Item Icon169000011
    • Item Icon160005052 / Item Icon160005053
    • Item Icon166020000
    • Item Icon188053845
    • Item Icon188053611

    And here's a special tip: You can get 20% drop and 100% experience buffs throughout the whole event period! How? Inspect the cake in the capital and find out!

    Kill Collector
    Period: November 15th, 2023 to December 15th, 2023
    Maps: PvPvE-Map, Inggison, Gelkmaros, Levinshor, Kaldor

    This event is similar to the well-known feature Bounty Hunting. The two differences are that you don't get all x kills randomly one reward from a list, but once for the x-th kill a defined reward and the time limit for the kills.
    Of course, when certain kills are achieved, the rewards increase from time to time and vary at certain 'stopovers'.


    10Item Icon1860000513
    20Item Icon1880536102
    30Item Icon1860002422
    40Item Icon1660300055
    50Item Icon1860000513
    60Item Icon1880536102
    70Item Icon1860002422
    80Item Icon1880517091
    90Item Icon1860000513
    100Item Icon1880536102
    110Item Icon1860002422
    120Item Icon1880533661
    130Item Icon1860000513
    140Item Icon1880536102
    150Item Icon1860002422
    160Item Icon1880517101
    170Item Icon1860000513
    180Item Icon1880536102
    190Item Icon1860002422
    200Item Icon1665000025
    210Item Icon1860000513
    220Item Icon1880536102
    230Item Icon1860002422
    240Item Icon1880529361
    250Item Icon1860000513
    260Item Icon1880536102
    270Item Icon1860002422
    280Item Icon1683100181
    290Item Icon1860000513
    300Item Icon1880536102
    310Item Icon1860002422
    320Item Icon1660300055
    330Item Icon1860000513
    340Item Icon1880536102
    350Item Icon1860002422
    360Item Icon1880536461
    370Item Icon1860000513
    380Item Icon1880536102
    390Item Icon1860002422
    400Item Icon1683100181
    410Item Icon1860000515
    420Item Icon1880536103
    430Item Icon1860002423
    440Item Icon1665000025
    450Item Icon1860000515
    460Item Icon1880536103
    470Item Icon1860002423
    480Item Icon1650200201
    490Item Icon1860000515
    500Item Icon1880536103
    510Item Icon1860002423
    520Item Icon16603000510
    530Item Icon1860000515
    540Item Icon1880536103
    550Item Icon1860002423
    560Item Icon16650000210
    570Item Icon1860000515
    580Item Icon1880536103
    590Item Icon1860002423
    600Item Icon1880531091

    Item Icon188051709 contains:


    Item Icon111101580
    Item Icon113101592
    Item Icon112101530
    Item Icon114101626
    Item Icon110101755

    Item Icon114301758
    Item Icon113301721
    Item Icon110301752
    Item Icon112301629
    Item Icon111301690

    Item Icon114501672
    Item Icon113501662
    Item Icon111501644
    Item Icon110551085
    Item Icon112501583

    Item Icon110601550
    Item Icon111601513
    Item Icon113601496
    Item Icon114601503
    Item Icon112601495

    Item Icon188052936 contains:


    Item Icon166200009
    Item Icon166200010
    Item Icon123001493
    Item Icon120015047
    Item Icon121001450
    Item Icon122001730
    Item Icon120015046
    Item Icon121001449
    Item Icon122001731
    Item Icon123001494
    Item Icon125004326
    Item Icon125004325
    Item Icon125004324
    Item Icon125004327

    One more note: Every kill counts...also the group kills :thumbsup:

    Beritra's Lucky Week

    Beritra's drop chance has been increased! After a few empty weeks in Atreia, Beritra's mood has changed. He wants to reward all Daevas who are strong enough to defeat him! In the period from November 15th, 2023 to November 28th, 2023, Beritra will drop the Item Icon188053728 for everyone who kills the boss. These chests will give you either Eternal or Mythic items. After these two weeks, the drop will return to normal.


    On November 15th our Eventmaster will be hosting some live events with you. These events take place between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. - there is a break during fortress battles.
    There will be the following events:
    • Kor
    • Hide & Seek
    • FFA
    • Fashion event
    In addition, all players who are logged in that evening will receive a gift via ingame mail a few days later.

    You will receive further information from the event master when the events start.

    We wish you a lot of fun on our server further on!
    your Beyond Aion Team

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