Gift of the Alchemist

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  • Find the suspicious alchemist
    from 29.09. to 15.10.2023

    According to rumors in the capitals, Pandaemonium and Sanctum, the suspicious alchemist is to reappear. We have been told that he is able to transform lead into treasures, so it's time to save with small effort useful Items for crafting. Try your luck!

    All Mobs in the Linkgate Foundry and Occupied Rentus Base are able to drop Item Icon188052642 for you which can either Item Icon188100126 or Item Icon188100127 include. In addition, all bosses in these instances will certainly drop the pouch for each group member. If you combine these two you will get Item Icon188052640 and obtain Item Icon185000185 or Item Icon185000186.

    Possible rewards

    Premium Treasure Box:
    Item Icon152000914
    Item Icon169405252
    Item Icon169405254
    Item Icon152012588
    Item Icon152012586
    Item Icon152012585
    Item Icon152012591
    Item Icon152012589
    Item Icon152012584
    Item Icon152012583
    Item Icon152012582
    Item Icon152012581
    Item Icon152012580
    Item Icon152012590
    Item Icon152012587
    Item Icon152012593

    Item Icon152013026
    Item Icon152013027
    Item Icon152013035
    Item Icon152013036
    Item Icon152013038
    Item Icon152013039
    Item Icon152013041
    Item Icon152013042
    Item Icon152013044
    Item Icon152013045

    Item Icon188054035
    Item Icon110900374
    Item Icon125040244

    Item Icon152012574
    Item Icon152012576
    Item Icon152012575
    Item Icon152012566
    Item Icon152012561
    Item Icon152012559
    Item Icon152012570
    Item Icon152012567
    Item Icon152012564

    Common Treasure Box:
    Item Icon152000326
    Item Icon152000327
    Item Icon152000328
    Item Icon152010319
    Item Icon152010316

    Item Icon152013025
    Item Icon152013034
    Item Icon152013037
    Item Icon152013040
    Item Icon152013043

    Item Icon186000399
    Item Icon166000194
    Item Icon166000195
    Item Icon186000237
    Item Icon188052719
    Item Icon186000130
    Item Icon186000102 bzw. Item Icon186000105
    Item Icon186000100 bzw. Item Icon186000103

    Item Icon152012573
    Item Icon152012565
    Item Icon152012563
    Item Icon152012560
    Item Icon152012569
    Item Icon152012568
    Item Icon152012562
    Item Icon152012577
    Item Icon152012571

    We hope you enjoy the events!

    Best regards
    your Beyond Aion Team

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