Easter and Spring event

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  • Easter-Collecting-Event
    Each egg counts

    Last year you helped successfully, but now it's happened again... the Easter Shugos had all their colorful eggs stolen at the last moment. These should be distributed back to you. So we need your help in finding eggs again. According to our information, the thieves are all mobs on all maps and in all instances. But be careful, not everyone always has an egg and time is short. You only have time from 07th April to 16th April 2023. After that, the mobs will not carry eggs anymore.

    So if you help us to collect the eggs, you can redeem a certain amount of them in exchange for prizes. We explain to you now, how it works and what you can win:

    You need to collect: Item Icon186000175

    In exchange for this item, you can get the following prizes:

    Prize Overview

    for 25 eggs (random):
    • 10x Item Icon162002030
    • 50x Item Icon186000237
    • 3x Item Icon162000139
    • 3x Item Icon162000137
    • 5x Item Icon186000146
    • 1x Item Icon188054198
    • 10x Item Icon164000130
    • 10x Item Icon164000126
    for 50 eggs:
    • 2x Item Icon186000147
    • or 3x Item Icon186000055
    for 75 eggs:
    • 5x Item Icon166020000
    • or 3x Item Icon188053609
    • or 1x Item Icon166200013
    • or 3x Item Icon188053113
    for 100 eggs:
    • 1x Item Icon188053295
    • or 5x Item Icon166030005
    for 300 eggs:
    • 1x Item Icon188053702

    You can get a list with all possible prizes with their respective IDs by using .easter and exchange the specific amount of easter eggs against the reward with .easter <ID>.


    The snow has melted and we can slowly hope for spring. The Easter holidays and thus another event are just around the corner, which we would like to introduce to you now:

    In the period from 14.04.2023 to 30.04.2023, the Spring Agrint spawns in the capital cities. If you kill it, a maximum of 24 players will receive the Item Icon188100060. Once the Agrint is dead, it only respawn after 4 hours.

    But that wasn't it yet. Another of your tasks is to take away the stolen event items from the garrison mobs in Levinshor. Some of the beasts have Item Icon188100057 or Item Icon188100058 or Item Icon188100059 with them. The bosses in Anguished Dragon Lord’s Refuge, Sauro Supply Base, Raksang Ruins, The Hexway, Infinity Shard and Infernal Danuar Reliquary also have one of the colors or even the eggshell with them - for each of you and for sure.

    If you fuse the eggshell with all three colors, you will receive the Item Icon188051676, which contains random rewards for you:
    • 1x Item Icon188053623
    • 1x Item Icon188950015
    • 1x Item Icon188053617
    • 5x Item Icon186000146
    • 25x Item Icon162000107
    • 1x Item Icon188053963
    • 250x Item Icon166100023
    • 250x Item Icon166100020
    • 1x Item Icon169620030
    • 1x Item Icon190020028
    • 1x Item Icon188053695
    • 1x Item Icon188053207
    • 1x Item Icon185000216
    Important notes: It is not a bug that the Agrint only takes 1 damage per hit and it only drops the regular "boxes" for 6 players with, for example, Item Icon152012558.

    We hope you enjoy the event!
    your Beyond Aion Team

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