Valentine's Week

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  • Greetings Daevas!
    Since Valentine's Day is getting closer and closer, we want to celebrate two event weeks with you this year again :love:

    February 13th to February 26th, 2023
    you can collect the following event drops:

    Item Icon188100091
    Item Icon188100092
    Item Icon188100093
    Item Icon188100094

    Every piece can be found at a different area. We've seen them drop in solo instances (from cygnea/enshar) and in Kaldor, as well as on the PvPvE-Map and in the Idian Depths.

    Once you have four matching pieces, you can combine them to a complete heart. This heart rewards you with one of the following items:
    • Item Icon186000399
    • Item Icon188053228
    • Item Icon160010208
    • Item Icon160010338
    • Item Icon169620072
    • Item Icon188053793
    • Item Icon188053295
    • Item Icon166500002
    • Item Icon186000237
    • Item Icon188950015
    • Item Icon188052822
    • Item Icon162002001
    • Item Icon188950019
    • Item Icon110900220
    • Item Icon160010111 // Item Icon160010112
    • Item Icon188053109
    • Item Icon188053610
    • Item Icon168310018
    • Item Icon166020000
    • Item Icon166030005
    • Item Icon188053113
    We wish you a lot of fun with the event and successful farming!

    Best regards
    your Beyond Aion Team

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