The Legendary Symphony

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  • Here is playing the music

    The musicians Allegro and Sonatine in Sanctum and Pandaemonium are looking for the Sheet Music of the legendary symphony, considered the most important piece of musical heritage in all of Atreia. From September 30th, 2022 to October 09th, 2022 you must help them to gather the parts. You need collect the individual sheets of music and the epilogue at the garrison mobs in Levinshor. Every mob has a sheet of music in their pocket and with a bit of luck you might even get a copy.
    In each area (North - East - South - West) you find only one type of the sheets and at the central base you can drop the epilogue - this means you can farm each type targeted.

    You need to collect:
    • Item Icon188100252
    • Item Icon188100253
    • Item Icon188100254
    • Item Icon188100255
    • Item Icon188100256
    These five items together will produce the Item Icon182007170.

    In exchange for this item, you can get the following prizes:

    Prize Overview

    • Item Icon188053610
    • Item Icon166020000
    • Item Icon188950015
    • Item Icon166030005
    • Item Icon186000055
    • Item Icon166000195
    • Item Icon188053903
    • Item Icon186000236
    • Item Icon166500002
    • Item Icon186000399
    • Item Icon188054238
    • Item Icon187000090
    • Item Icon188053295

    You can get a list with all possible prizes and their respective IDs by typing .symphony in the chat and you can exchange the amount of copies against the reward with .symphony <ID>. In addition, you can exchange the Sheet Music randomly into each other with 8 different quests. With luck, one directly obtains the copy.

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