Server update July 24th, 2022

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  • The following changes have been made:
    • Items & Drops
      • Increased the drop chances for equipment in Lower Udas Temple
      • Implemented missing item content (s. Nicht benutzbar - Rüstungstruhe des Elitelegionärs 5. Ranges)
      • Increased the drop chances for crafting motes in Levinshor/Akaron (s. Auras Droppen nur bei Popoku mobs)
      • Replaced the Lv40 composite manastones, as possible drop on the PvPvE map with a bundle containing higher level composite manastones
      • Added missing drops for static chests in Eternal Bastion/Steel Wall Bastion (s. Stahlmauer)
      • Corrected/Fixed the possible drops from Eternal Bastion's/Steel Wall Bastion's final reward chest
    • Skills
    • Instances & NPCs
      • Fixed Debilkarim's skill pattern in Lower Udas Temple (s. Problems with some instance dungeons)
      • Fixed respawn times of named mobs in Kaldor
      • Adjusted spawn position of conquest NPCs in Gelkmaros (s. Conquest Mob non-skillable) so they are attackable
      • Fixed an issue, where skills conducted by NPCs were not affected by cast speed
      • Adjusted the necessary points for the final rank evaluation in Eternal Bastion/Steel Wall Bastion to match the former retail version (e.g. S-Rank: before 92k, afterwards 90k)
    • Custom Instance - Eternal Challenge
      • Lowered the difficulty for templars and chanters
      • Slightly increased the difficulty for sorcerers and spirit masters
      • Killed enemies during the first phase will now directly despawn
      • Made changes to the rank progression. New characters are now progressing faster through the initial ranks, so we hope players are not immediately discouraged
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