[Update] Item Mall, June 2022

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  • Dear Community!
    We have updated the Item Mall and expanded it by the following items:

    Display Spoiler

    Weapon skins
    Item Icon101500695
    Item Icon100001111
    Item Icon100501011

    Item Icon110900245
    Item Icon110900246
    Item Icon110900247
    Item Icon110900248
    Item Icon110900085
    Item Icon110900086
    Item Icon110900087
    Item Icon110900232
    Item Icon110900794
    Item Icon110900341

    Item Icon125045192
    Item Icon125045461
    Item Icon125045529
    Item Icon125002616
    Item Icon125002626
    Item Icon125002636
    Item Icon125002646

    Item Icon187060142

    Item Icon115001790

    Happy shopping!
    your Beyond Aion Team

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