Happy Easter

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  • Easter-Collecting-Event
    Each egg counts

    There were no incidents for a few years, but now it's happened again... the Easter Shugos had all their colorful eggs stolen at the last moment. These should actually be distributed to you. So we need your help in finding eggs. According to our information, the thieves are all mobs on all maps and in all instances. But be careful, not everyone always has an egg and time is short. You only have time from 15th April to 24th April 2022. After that, the mobs will not carry eggs anymore.

    So if you help us to collect the eggs, you can redeem a certain amount of them in exchange for prizes. We explain to you now, how it works and what you can win:

    You need to collect: Item Icon186000175

    In exchange for this item, you can get the following prizes:

    Prize Overview

    for 25 eggs (random):
    • 15x Item Icon164000255
    • 15x Item Icon164000256
    • 5x Item Icon166000195
    • 75x Item Icon186000237
    • 50x Item Icon186000238
    for 50 eggs:
    • 50x Item Icon186000236
    • or 5x Item Icon186000409
    • or 3x Item Icon166020000
    for 100 eggs:
    • Item Icon188053295
    for 150 eggs:
    • Item Icon188053006
    • or Item Icon188053705
    for 250 eggs:
    • Item Icon190020208
    for 300 eggs:
    • Item Icon188053005
    • or Item Icon187000155

    You can get a list with all possible prizes with their respective IDs by using .easter and exchange the specific amount of easter eggs against the reward with .easter <ID>.

    We wish you a relaxing Easter,
    your Beyond Aion Team

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